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The dreaded plateau....could use some guidance.

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    Lighten up your workout intensity for a week (or just take the whole damn week off).

    Figure out how many calories you need to maintain your weight with a sedentary lifestyle. Then knock 250 kcals off of that and consume that many every day for a week.

    Weigh, measure and track everything you put in your mouth for that week.

    That should get things moving again.


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      Originally posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
      You're drinking butter. That's hundreds, or possibly thousands, of empty calories a week that you're drinking. You have to eat less calories, and the first thing you should do is stop drinking butter.


      It's not the foods. It's the calories. Cut out the emptiest calories. Those would be bulletproof coffee (by far), red wine and almond butter in that order.
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        Probably the only thing you need to do is quit the BP coffee. Simple.


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          In addition to avoiding buttered coffee, almond butter, and booze, I would recommend adding long, brisk walks whenever possible to your schedule. I would also add in one very low calorie / IF / low carb day (like, piece of fish + green veg for lunch, same for dinner, NOTHING else) at least once per week.
          Give all of that a month and if you still feel the need to drop weight, go research carb cycling, IF, etc. - advanced weight loss tweaks.
          If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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            Thanks evryone! I will report back..


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              No one knows the 'best' weight for you--but yourself. Beware of trying for some arbitrary number. People who are even the same height have different bone structures, body type, etc. and can be healthy at very different weights.

              You are in a healthy weight range, so your goal should be based on how you look and feel. Keep in mind that if you aim for a lower weight than is good for your body, you won't be able to maintain that weight anyway--unless you're willing to follow a spartan diet just to stay at that 'number.'


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                You might consider keeping everything the same but having smaller portions.

                I'd also suggest that if your bullet proof coffee doesn't contain a half a stick of butter or more, that everybody here stop calling it bullet proof coffee. Just say the word butter near the word coffee and it's like invoking the Devil around here.
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