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Let's talk hunger, snacking, and foods one is "allowed" to eat

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    I have almost no desire for snacking, especially if I eat breakfast. I would suggest logging everything that you eat for a at least a week and see how your macros look and the total number of calories you are consuming. That might give you an insight in to what needs to change.

    Originally posted by Leida View Post
    All that slicing of half frozen meat is killing me...
    An electric turkey carving knife works wonders for cutting the half frozen meat for jerky.
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    BP down from 120/80 to 110/74


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      Big bag of assorted frozen veggies sauted in butter with salt and spices make a great quick filling snack


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        Do you have the time to make eating more fun and exciting? Recipes?

        I have a favorite go-to meal already: brown 1lb chorizo or italian or whatever type of meat you enjoy (buffalo was good). Remove from pan. Add thinly sliced red onions and saute until soft and starting to brown. Add a few Tbsp ghee if your meat wasn't overly fatty and toss in 1 head of thinly sliced napa cabbage. Stir and cook for about 7-10 minutes until soft and 'noodly' looking. Stir in the meat and 1/2 t caraway seed. YUM. It reheats very well.

        In my opinion, Paleo will get old very fast if you don't make some appealing things. With all of the eye candy out there in restaurants and on food shelves, it is hard to resist the off limit foods. Spend some time on Paleo websites, bookmark a few, and find meals you can make that fit your taste/budget/time contraints.

        I carry Primal Pacs with me (beef jerky/minimal nuts/minimal fruit) and open those when I am in a pinch for a snack. They are very filling. Great Seattle based company. Opt for that instead of the sugary protein bars.

        I just have to get on my box about artificial sugars: I don't care if they help with weight loss or add to weight gain. They are BAD. Exitatory, nasty stuff. Take a look at "Sweet Misery" if you have the time. I think there is a YouTube video now.

        Good luck to you. I love your successes. The challenges are manageable; just not always easy! Even Mark will say there can be an 80/20 way of living Primal. It isn't to give yourself a cop-out excuse to cheat, but instead takes into account life's little realities and the need for a slice of chocolate cake on rare occasion to deal with your 3 kids when they are driving you crazy (well, that's me)!
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        "In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties."
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          Why are you training yourself to eat it? Do you believe it'll be that beneficial? I tried to "like" this coffee at work here. I've been drinking 1 cup a day for 3 or 4 months and I'm done. It's never tasted good.
          Okay, don't laugh, but fat composition is supposed to help fight stubborn fat, and it is easy to transport and keep in the office at room temp. And I can't stand olive oil and butter on its own. I cook with butter rarely, and sometimes with bacon grease, more often meat drippings, but on its own... I dunno, it just not my thing. (Sigh) I am just not a natural for Primal, I have a far easier time with Paleo, but then I am adamant about keeping my fermented dairy! Heh. That's why I am not paleo or primal any more, but i am hanging in here anyway.

          An electric turkey carving knife works wonders for cutting the half frozen meat for jerky.
          On my list! All I have to do, is to mention it to my husband. He was remembering the first batch of jerky with tears in his eyes for months!
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            Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
            Oh for fucks sweet sake- he has a whole list of allowed foods that includes about a mile of fruit. EAT FRUIT. The only people who should limit fruit are people trying to lose weight as it adds calories, messes with some people and makes it harder to be low carb. Eating a fucking banana is not a moral failing. Grok is not going to mock you. You aren't going to gain fat over a piece of fruit. If you want something sweet when you look in your fridge and there is a banana or a cookie, the banana is better.... and you know what, the banana is better than eating 3 pieces of bacon or a tablespoon of coconut oil or some lard.

            Eat some nuts, and eat some dairy. Just don't eat honey roasted nuts with 345 ingrediants or fat free yogurt with corn syrup.

            Some people have issues with nuts, dairy, fruit. If you are trying to lose weight, the added calories might be hard to work in from those foods.

            But a healthy, fit, 30 year old guy can eat a banana, some nuts and some yogurt and should not feel wrong about it or bad about it. THOSE FOODS ARE HEALTHY AND NATURAL. Good for you. They are not kin to hohos, ding dongs and a big mac in what they do to your body. They have valuable vitamins and minerals and they taste good.
            Loved this, couldn't agree more. Fruit and dairy are sketchy but you're ok with eating store bought protein bars? Come onnnn. You've got to eat more. Don't be afraid of real food


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              You're hungry because you're not eating enough, plain and simple. Have some almond butter or nuts to round out that apple/snack. Consider lettuce wrapping your beef patties and adding a few pieces of bacon and maybe half an avocado. Make sure your BAS has lots of meat and healthy fats too! Adding some hard-boiled eggs, meat, avocados, olives, perhaps some nuts, and a good assortment of veggies and a primal salad dressing should do the trick.


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                i would log everything you eat in something like for a couple of days to check how many calories you are getting and what proportion of fat, protein and carbs. you could enter in all the info you have told us and it will calculate for you.
                You will then have some idea of if you are eating enough and also the proportions. Looking at your food log not sure you are getting healthy fats.