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Aroy-D cooking vs dessert coconut milk: Advertising ploy?

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  • Aroy-D cooking vs dessert coconut milk: Advertising ploy?

    Last edited by secret agent girl; 12-25-2014, 05:35 AM.

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    Did you taste them? I've bought coconut creme and it suggests it is good for desserts. It does tastes more fragrant or sweet than regular coconut milk, but the ingredients are simply coconut. It makes an interesting, fruity curry.
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      I haven't confirmed your facts, but assuming ingredients and nutritional info are exactly the same, perhaps the different labels are simply an effort to cater to different sorts of customers? At my local supermarket, they sell coconut milk in three different places (that I know of)- the Latin Foods section, the Asian Foods section, and bizarrely- the canned dairy milk section. Different brands and found in each place. Maybe Aroy-D's "desert" coconut milk is meant for the sugar/cake mix/chocolate chips grocery isle and the "cooking" label is meant to be put near the curries and Asian condiments isle?

      I know for a fact the same sort of dynamic works with Coconut Oil. The Coconut Oil in the Olive Oil isle of Whole Foods has very different labeling and packaging shape than the Coconut Oil in the Beauty Isle.


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        No, I'm a regular consumer of coconut AROY-D coconut milk and the stuff for cooking is definitely less delicious than the stuff for dessert. My best guess is that they use younger coconuts for the sweeter stuff, so the ingredients are the same, but the end product is actually changed.
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          I agree that if the ingredients and nutritional info are exactly the same on both cans, it could just be a labeling thing. I worked in the business office of a well-known bakery many years ago, and there was a certain loaf of bread marketed nationwide that was exactly the same, but was (and still is) labeled as and marketed as two entirely different products. It was solely a marketing decision, and it has paid off big time. It's amazing what a slightly different label can sell.


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            You can all go taste test for yourselves. Try the cooking one first, so can taste the amazing sweetness of the dessert one on your second taste. If you taste the dessert one first, you are less likely to notice the lack of sweetness in the second sample.
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              If the ingredients list on both cans is the same, and they each taste different, one of them must have an unlisted ingredient.

              That, or there is magic involved.


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                Hi. I joined just to comment on this so I probably won't be back. I cook with coconut milk often and use Aroy-D quite a bit. I only have a dessert can with me at the moment and google image searches have been fruitless finding the ingredients label, but I'm fairly certain there is a tangible difference between the two because I make sure to buy the non-dessert kind for my curries.

                You are right that they do have exactly the same ingredients, but the dessert kind is not as thick. I believe the regular coconut milk for cooking is 100% coconut milk, and the dessert kind is 60% coconut milk and water.

                Hope this helps.


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                  To be honest I am probably wrong about the percentages. The one thing I AM sure about is that it's the percentages where they differ.