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    I enjoy eating the primal b way, I am wondering if there is some sort of portion size guidance I can gather from you all. How much meat per meal 4,6, 8 oz, cups of veggies and fruits, ect?

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    Portion size should be determined by hunger. Eat until you are no longer hungry of whatever you feel like eating (and which falls within the PB guidelines) and you will be ok. Listen to your body, it knows better than your brain
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      Eat until you're satisfied. If you're hungry two hours before your next meal, eat a bit a more so you don't get hungry too soon. If you're still hungry halfway to the next meal, up the fat. Takes a bit of tinkering sometimes to find what works best for you, portion wise~


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        Thats about as accurate as I can get.


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          I may be a young girl, but... I eat two meals a day and pack away half a pound or more of meat in a sitting. Or four eggs. Today for lunch I had a can of tuna and two eggs, and for dinner I'll have 1/2lb of salmon. And veggies? They take up whatever space is left on the plate. If you're a guy or larger/more muscular/more active - eat more than that. Sorry, that's all I can give you that is more specific than "enough" (which really is the best answer )
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            I'm a guy who has lost 50 pounds. The first 30 were just cutting soda and candy. The last twenty were Primal Blueprint. For awhile I ate one meal a day, comprised of a pound of meat, about three cups of veggies, and then some eggs, bone broth, and fats to cook everything in - with herbs and spices, too! That got me lean quick! Now that my work schedule has gone bonkers, I still eat about the same, just not in one meal. If I were to break it down into two meals, I guess I'd be having half a pound of meat in each. Except I never do that. I'll eat the meat by itself, and later the veggies if I feel like it. My weight scoots around a little, but I also had some nut butter lately, and some ice cream, so for all I know I just ate too much of the wrong stuff as of late. Best diet for me is meat, fats, greens, eggs, organ meat, some nuts and a little fruit - usually green apples and under-ripe apples if I can find them.
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              The amount carbs, fats, and protein that your body needs are determined by the size of your body, the efficiency of your digestive system, the specific quality and content of your food, your overall activity level, your workout habits, and your desired goals. Given that you'll need to determine what works for you based on your experiments with primal foods.


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                Up to a pound of meat and up to 2 pounds of non-tuber vegetables. With tubers, I'd keep it under a cup per meal, they just tend to seat heavy in the stomach otherwise. But stop when you are no longer hungry to avoid discomfort later on.
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                  To be honest, I think most people can say "Eat until you're no longer hungry." And that's going to be just about right.

                  I think the trouble comes when people have either gone so long eating SAD that they don't really understand those signals anymore, or if there is some kind of disorder that stops them from feeling it. I know a boy who does not stop until he is literally vomiting. From what I understand, he has always been that way, and my own son was drinking 12oz of milk at a time when he was not even a month old. That's a bit more than he needed, so something was off there.

                  If you really need a temporary guide until your body starts "getting it" and understanding that you're not starving it, I would go with the Whole 30's idea of using your hand as a guide. It seems pretty reasonable and takes into account that a larger person with larger needs will have a larger hand.

                  I know a lot of people absolutely love Whole 30/It Starts With Food, and I'm all for it in principle, but it was just too restrictive for me since I already have a laundry list of foods I can't eat before I even started Primal. But the portioning they used was pretty good.

                  Per meal:
                  Protein - about the size of 1-2 of your palms
                  Veggies - fill in the rest of your plate
                  Oils - about 1-2 thumb-sized portions

                  Then you can also have nuts (the amount that fits in your closed hand) or avocado (1/2-1 of them), coconut milk (3-7 oz) and more, which is in the book if you're interested.

                  Again, I think this is only good for a start, until your body learns what a reasonable amount of food is. Me? Too restrictive for me to follow, but I don't follow direction well anyway.


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                    I'm finding that eating natural, unprocessed foods until I'm satisfied is the best way for me to go.
                    Meats, veggies, fruits, tubers on training days, nuts.
                    Sometimes portions are big, sometimes not, depending on how hungry I am.
                    When I'm eating right, the portions tend to take care of themselves as far as size goes. My body is much smarter than my brain, and having the brain overrule what my body is telling me never turns out good.
                    I don't count calories, or keep track of macros. I include a balance of everything, and I don't deny myself when I'm hungry.
                    Weight is good, energy is there when I need it, and I don't crave anything that I shouldn't be eating.
           like a charm.
                    I agree that it takes some time to reset the signals that your body is sending you, and for me, that happened by being consistent with eating the right foods, and not allowing myself to fall back into old eating habits.
                    Don't be too rigid. Allow yourself to eat enough good food to be satisfied while staying away from the garbage that brought you here in the first place, and you'll have it beat.