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  • Hungry and scared...

    So I started to go full Primal about two weeks ago. The first week was fine... managed not hunger issues lots of energy... This week I am about to die. I am so starving... I know that I am not really hungry cause i feel hungry even after I just ate a ton of food. I read through all the old post and found that its really common for females to be hungry on Primal and what I am experiencing is somewhat of a carb withdrawal but still I am hungry. I am also confused on the calories thing. Reading through all of those posts I figured out that a calorie counts.... so I use MyfitnessPal to track what I eat and my calories... but his week I am definitely ashamed. I went as far as to make a heavy cream and protein shake this actually satisfied me...but dang it had some calories in it..
    So to give you my stats.. I am 33 year old female. I am 5'3" and 245. HEAVY! Pretty sure that I am close to dying in my sleep. So I need to get this right. I need to do this. I would love some guidance on how many calories some one like me should be trying to eat...I am going to try to get more calories from fat next week see if that will help. MFP says I should aim for roughly 1500 cals to lose a pound a week...

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    Glad you made the leap! What's a typical day's food for you?


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      My advice would be to just allow yourself to adjust to primal way of eating before you worry about the calories. Eat primal foods foods, move slowly frequently ( I try to walk 5 miles a day ) and focus on your sleep. You may find you shed pounds just doing that initially. Once you are past low carb flu, you feel good, etc, then if your weight loss isn't what you want it to be, then consider eliminating certain foods ( alcohol, dairy, nuts) or just keeping overall calories down.


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        I agree that we need to know what you are eating. You should not be feeling that you are starving. Don't be ashamed of eating what satisfies you!
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          Fat is your friend.

          Healthy fats and quality protein will help your body feel fed. When it feels fed, it won't crave as badly. I use a lot of grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and good bacon. I also get 75% ground beef (grass-fed). I eat coconut chips (fat shreds - unsweetened) as "filler" food, for when I have the munchies.

          Yes, once in awhile I just really want to have something "off-road"... like tacos... but if I keep that to one meal, every couple of weeks or so, I think I'm doing okay.


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            Last week:
            2 EGG OMELETTE WITH ONIONS, PEPPERS, CHEDDAR CHEESE (1-2 OZ), 2 slices bacon
            Two burger patties, lettuce, tomato, pickle, packet of mayo and mustard (The Atkins burger from my work cafateria).
            Carne Asada (beef flank steak), sauted green and yellow squash with onions garlic, queso fresco (mexican cheese)
            Carrots, a pluot, 3 cups coffee with non-dairy creamer..

            half a pint of whipping cream mixed with one scoop protein powder (this was my I am tired of hunger meal), and leftover shrimp and octopus cocktel (cucumbers, tomato, avocado some ketchup)
            Grilled salmon and sauteed veggies (from the work cafeteria)
            1/3 stick cream cheese, and 2 oz smoked salmon and another bowl of the fruit cocktel
            1 hard boiled egg

            After reading through the posts... I think I need more fat to help get rid of this hunger and then add more veggies...


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              I'd maybe watch it downing an entire cup of heavy cream. It's good stuff but you're talking 800+ calories and 80+ fat in one cup. Other than that, your diet looks pretty good!

              Let me ask this, before you went primal, what would you estimate your daily intake was? I know that way back when I started, mine was off the charts, and it took a while for me to adjust. In my days of being 350 lbs I retroactively figured out I was eating around 6,000 calories per day and probably in the neighborhood of 500-600 carbs. So it might be best to slowly wean yourself down. I can vouch that I was definitely hungry early on, but after about a week of the hunger pangs it did gradually go away and less food would fill me up. Your stomach will gradually shrink as you put less food into it. The best thing is to try to keep yourself busy so you're not eating out of boredom (I know I did ).

              p.s. the fruit cocktail, are you making sure that's not some canned stuff in sugar syrup?


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                As to my diet before Primal... I had about a month of just low calorie MFP watching what I ate... it had be at about 1500... I could do that for a bit... but would lose it and binge to 2500... a lot of days I would hit 1800-2200... and that was watching what i ate....I usually would be able to do the restricted calorie for a bit then get depress and quit and then go back...horrible horrible cycle

                i will say that I probably will not down the cream like I did today but I was definitely not starving like the last couple of days... I guess I gotta figure out how to add more fat to satiate me. Tomorrow I am gonna try the bullet proof coffee to see if that gets me

                Oh the fruit cockail... is a mexican style shrimp seafood cocktail.... cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, avacado, and seafood... the only bad thing it has in it was the ketchup which i found out is quite high in carbs... bummer


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                  You have pretty similar stats to me

                  I would agree with the others, for the first while, don't worry too much about calories, just until you get use to it!

                  Also don't be afraid of meat. I know when I started I wasn't really eating enough meat/protein and that really messed with my hunger. Make your meat serves like at least 3oz! That will keep you fuller longer, and maybe do a 3 egg omelet rather than 2.

                  One final thing, you seem to have quite a few condiments! I'd get rid of those if I were you because they often contain sugar and lotsa other stuff that really has no nutritional value at all. I'm talking about ketchup, dressing, mayo, mustard, mexican cheese? I have found a dressing for myself that is the most acceptable to me and I just use that now because I KNOW the sugar content and what's in it, but when you eat out you have no idea what's in there!

                  Good luck doll! I know your hunger will be better soon, as a former big-eating girl I can tell ya that!
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                    You're going to be hungry at first because your body's going to wake up and go hey, real food, gimme more of that! You'll also be hungry because if you ate a lot of grains and sugar before, now you aren't, and your body has no idea how to get its nutrition from grainless, sugarless, lower carb food. So it's going to be in a state of starvation until it figures it out. Relax and be kind to yourself.
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                      That 2 egg omelet could use a couple/few more eggs. Eggs have a terrific protein/fat ratio all on their, are VERY satiating, GREAT nutritional profile, AND fairly low in calories. I would recommend a six egg omelet to anyone struggling with hunger and trying to lose weight.

                      Another suggestion is to add maybe 2 cups of salad greens to your lunch or dinner for a bit of volume.

                      Make sure each meal has a sufficient protein/fat portion then fill in the rest with some veggies in more fat. That is the recipe.

                      Oh, and a good protein to fat ratio is about 65%f/35%p BY CALORIE. So anything leaner than 80/20 beef means you should be adding fat.


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                        It's going to take some time to adjust, so don't be too worried. You're making some major changes, and your body won't always be happy about them right away. Give it some time. Yes, that much cream in one sitting is a bit over the top, but cut yourself some slack and just figured it was a lesson learned.

                        Your diet actually looks pretty good. For myself, I have found some of the hangups to be in the details. So, for example, I would have an amazing, nutritious dinner, then put a little barbecue sauce on the side. Yeah, that sauce had soy, HFCS and gluten. Crap. Make sure you're reading labels, and try to avoid food with labels in the first place.


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                          I started primal in February at 194lbs and I'm 5'4". It took me a month or so to figure out that I needed to eat MORE food at meals so I wasn't hungry all the time. It looks like a lot of food on my plate and I end up quite full, but I've lost 15.5lbs in under 7 months. I have found that if I feel hungry a lot, I stop losing weight and at times even gain. It sounds so weird, but my body needs a certain amount in order to lose. If you're hungry for the first few weeks, have a snack of some nuts or cheese - something high in fat. Your body is screaming for all the nutrients it was missing/couldn't absorb before. It will settle down after a while and the hunger will decrease.

                          You don't mention how old you are, but if you're still mentruating, that could have a big impact as well. I have 2-3 hungry days each month and I actually indulge them. I've found that if I do so, I still lose 0.5-1lb that week.


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                            Salads and veggies. Lots of them. My plate is usually half salad. Sometimes it's all salad, with like grilled steak or chicken strips on top.

                            I don't do much cheese. I only do a little cream in my coffee, little in one or two cups most mornings.

                            I know it is suggested not to track, but I have to track it all. I was so focused at first on the Fat macros, until I learned Fat is my friend. So then I focused more on getting the carbs under control. I was 300grams per day of JUST sweet tea!! I cut it cold turkey.

                            As already mentioned, work on your sleep. I take magnesium to help me out. Sleep is so important. If I don't sleep, I don't lose weight. I also have sleep apnea and I am hoping that some day, I will not have to wear my mask any longer. Although when I put on my mask, it seems to help me mentally in that it says to me, it is time to go to sleep now. That works so long as I have taken my vitamins and supplements. I dont eat just a whole lot of carbs - at least not at one time, but when I do have something with a few more carbs, I get sleepy. So I am trying to work on having those with dinner. I am usually in bed now by 9.

                            I have also noticed that if I dont take my vitamins and supplements, I don't lose.

                            I was hungry 24/7 when I started "dieting" CW way. 6 or whatever meals per day, every couple of hours - always thinking about food. From the time I got up until the time I went to bed. I went to bed hungry, I woke up hungry. When I went primal and got a grip on my carbs, everything changed. I was still losing weight CW way, and still having close to 200g of carbs, but I was just hungry all the time because I ran out of calories. But I was good at keeping those Fat macros low So when I got a grip on carbs, I was having TOO LOW of calories, but I was full. Then I discovered coconut oil and real butter. Things balance now and calories are kept in check.
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                              What neckhammer said.. Eggs will become your best friend. Keep them hard boiled in fridge, I put 2 in a Baggie, sprinkle with sea salt, org black pepper, small amt avocado oil, roll them around in bag, eat or carry with you at all times, very filling.

                              Buy organic celery, spread a small amt cream cheese or natural peanut butter, this really helps with craving crunchy.

                              Put about 10 or 12 macadamia nuts in a tiny ziploc, wonderful to eat while driving. They kept me from stopping for junk food.

                              A big salad really helps making you feel full. Try different org greens. Make your own mayo, experiment, get great at it.

                              Always keep filtered water with you. I buy six packs (or case when I can splurge) of Figi water, drink it, then refill bottles with filtered water from fridge. Never leave the house without one.

                              This site will help you immensely. I so loved reading the great advice of these people who've been doing this for yrs. Pick a few folks who seem like they know what they're writing about and stalk 'em like crazy. You'll learn a lot.

                              And, by all means, be very proud of yourself for taking this step. We're proud of you.. And get a pedometer and aim for 10,O00 steps a day. Work up to it, don't be defeated. If you stay organized and don't run out of healthy foods, you will lose the weight. You can do it.