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A couple weeks in, bad cramping

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  • A couple weeks in, bad cramping

    Hello everyone,
    I have been following the Primal Blueprint for a few weeks now. At first I felt wonderful, I had amazing strength gains, and I looked great. However, for the past few days I have been having some pretty bad intestinal cramping, and my hunger is pretty much gone (which is bad since I need to eat as much as I can to keep my weight up at my preferred activity level). I have also been having some diarrhea, but I have been drinking a lot of water to make up for that. I am also feeling very weak.
    I doubt it is simply the diet that is causing this. If it continues, I will go to the doctor. But I am wondering if anyone had anything similar when they first started, or if I am doing something wrong. I have been very good about avoiding grains, but I still have a major sweet tooth so I eat a lot of fruit to satisfy it (I avoid sucrose as best I can).
    For now my plan is to relax, and go on a 12-24 hour fast to get my body to expel whatever it isn't liking, then eat something gentle on my digestive system. Any other suggestions?
    Thank you,

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    It could be something you are allergic to. It could be a stomach bug.

    When you feel ready to eat I'd eat something bland like a coule of tbl of plain white rice. But see what your intuition tells you.
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      what is your daily diet like?


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        The 3 most likely reasons would be 1) mild stomach bug (which will resolve on its own) 2) excessive fat intake 3) excessive fruit intake (ever heard of "toddler's diarrhea"?). Since you're fairly new to a high-fat diet, I'd try taking the amount of fat down a notch to see if this improves your digestion, and then slowly increase it after that. I don't know how much fruit you're eating, but you did suggest that it might be an issue, so maybe tone that down a notch, too.


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          It could also be something as simple as WHEN and with WHAT you are eating your fruit. Fruit digests differently from other foods. I find that if I have fruit with anything else then I get symptoms very similar to what you are describing. Fruit should be eaten by itself and at least 30 minute before other foods and at least four hours after other foods. That's just what I've learned that works for me.

          I hope it's something simple that you can figure out and that it's not a stomach bug. Good luck to you.