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September Whole 30!!! Who's with me!?!?!

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  • I had all the measurements done, and I have to say I am staring Whole 30 in a bad place. I was pretty much 125 lbs, with all my inches going up by at least once since March. The summer was not kind to me.

    So, starting stats: 125 lbs, 13.5"-10.5"-26.5"-36"-35" (Neck-bicep-Waist-Hip-Thigh)

    I am very scared of the not weighing portion of W30, but I know it is a part of the deal, and an important part of the deal. I want to stick. I will likely gain a lot of weight, but in the end, I have fat to lose now, I will have fat to lose after W30. So, what's the dif.
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    • I am feeling pretty awesome here on day 5. i've been plagued with some headache and muscle ache but i hope that is behind me now. today i am making slow cooker bbq pork ribs with a home made bbq sauce recipe i got from ISWF.

      i had some leftover tomato sauce and i put ground pork and spinach in it, and had it over 2 fried eggs and it was THE MOST DELICIOUS BREAKFAST I HAVE EVER EATEN. :3 and i am never a person who put tomato products on eggs, so this was blowing my mind. so good. :3


      • This is my third try to do a whole 30.. I know I'm a late starter but tomorrow will be day 1 for me. I'm so tired of not being able to get it right and stick to it so I can feel all the benefits of the whole 30. I feel ready to do it right this time and I'm looking forward to share this journey with you all! good luck to all of you


        • I am so excited to start this tomorrow! I feel so gross and sluggish after the long weekend, so really hoping to detox over the next few days.

          I have friends visiting, and it really surprised me to see how different my diet and lifestyle has become since I found PB. I'd planned to make some exceptions while they're here, but not quite to this extreme. They wanted to eat out for every meal, which is fine but the places they chose were super limited as to what was primal. I think the "best" thing I could find was a gross salty steak and reheated frozen vegetables at Applebee's. One night I suggested cooking at home and offered to grill burgers... they took "cooking at home" to mean we should get multiple frozen pizzas and a half gallon of ice cream for just the three of us. I made myself a BAS that night, and another one for the next morning when they declined cereal (which I bought just for them) and went to get breakfast from Mcdonald's. Last night I also declined a midnight taco bell run.

          I've been really careful not to preach or say anything besides "no thanks", but it's so frustrating! Especially when they talk about needing to get into better shape and clearly have no energy. Neither is obese or visibly unhealthy, but I've definitely noticed changes. I've been waking up between 6-8 every morning, then entertaining myself while they sleep in until noon... then we go do something, and they take naps after we come home. I hope I don't sound like I'm whining too much, but it feels good to vent to people who probably understand! If nothing else this whole experience has motivated me to really commit to Whole30! Starting tomorrow morning with a breakfast of sweet potatoes, avocado, and eggs cooked in coconut oil.


          • I'm in - I'm on day 6 and *so far* have not cheated at all! My problem is getting enough calories in...strangely, I haven't been real hungry at all. September seems like a great month for this, too!


            • Originally posted by KimNKY View Post
              I've been really careful not to preach or say anything besides "no thanks", but it's so frustrating! Especially when they talk about needing to get into better shape and clearly have no energy...............Starting tomorrow morning with a breakfast of sweet potatoes, avocado, and eggs cooked in coconut oil.
              2 Things: SERIOUSLY frustrated by the same kind of thing - I feel like I've gotten to the point where I am READY to make a change - I know what I need and am going to do what it takes! To have people going, "oh yeah, I know I need to do something for my health" and then opening a gallon of ice cream...well, sorry, but it doesn't seem like you really KNOW because it's not important enough to you!

              The second thing: Eggs cooked in coconut oil are unbelievably delicious! :-D


              • i'll probably use this to kick start this month. last month was naughty for me. it was my birthday so it was filled with mudcrab sandwiches and cheesecake. ready to get going i feel gross and have no energy.

                ill probably still eat small amounts of yogurt but i shouldnt eat cheese, i get eczema from it on my face =( WHY OH WHY DID I WANT CHEESECAKE BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! hopefully my face will clear up quickly with some nice clean fuel.


                • Day 2! I made the tomato and egg dish from the main MDA page yesterday and it was SO freaking delicious! For dinner tonight I made "garbage stir fry" from the NomNomPaleo site and loved every bite. I even whipped frozen raspberries with coconut milk for a delicious "dessert". So far, so good.


                  • I started yesterday (2nd September) and it went remarkably well considering I was staying over at my OH's. I had 3 eggs + gluten free sausages (local farm shop ones with just meat + potato starch) for lunch and for dinner I couldn't be bothered with cooking, so I had frozen blackberries + frozen blueberries + raspberries with 1/2 coconut milk and a pack of cashews.


                    • Hi all,

                      I will be starting tomorrow. However 2 things seem difficult for me:
                      1. Nuts are allowed, and I have a tendency to binge on nuts and nut butters (even after being sugar free for years and grain free for months). Tips on how to limit this are welcome. Cutting them out completely results in lack of fat and calories, and makes me nuts...
                      2. I didn't do dairy for years because of intolerance. I have re-introduced this succesfully after healing my gut. I only eat home made yoghurt and hard cheeses. And this has been such a marvellous development for me, after years of doing without. And I am not sure I can give them up now. It is easy to give up things that make you sick or feel bad, but how do you give up something that actually feels/tastes so good and has no apparent negative consequenses?


                      • So I'm popping in here because I just started Whole30 - without the book, just with the stuff off the website. I'm planning to stick to it as completely as possible, and hopefully feel better!
                        Some background:
                        I'm soon to be 17, 5'5", weigh ~168 and want to come down to 140.
                        I've had bulimia and binge eating disorders in the past, so I'm doing this to correct my perspective on food and to help drop some weight.
                        I've been Primal about two weeks, with the past few days being difficult after I was served a salad that had HFCS in the dressing, I unknowingly stuffed my face with it and have had a shaky grasp on my cravings the past few days.
                        So I'm also Whole30-ing to have some strict structure to follow to cleanse further

                        So today, I've had a good first day so far.
                        4 eggs fried in CO in the morning, with a bowl of French onion soup I made with the bone stock I made from lamb bones. It was seriously fantastic. That was 6 hours ago and I'm still not hungry!
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                        • Well, I did not make it through my BIL's 50th birthday without making very poor choices. Sigh, my Sept. Whole 30 is now a Whole 28. Beginning again.
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                          • On day 17 today! Doing well... Nothing too crazy. Trying to curb the snacking bw meals and find out what been irritating my stomach. I've recently picked up some kombucha, so well see if that does the trick.

                            MissPiggy, I think I have a nut addiction as well. They're my go to snack, but I've found that if I don't buy them, I won't eat them. Same goes for the nut butters. I also struggle w eating enough fat sometimes too! I've been having a bloated stomach in the evening and I'm wondering if the overconsumption of nuts may have triggered something. They're such a quick and easy treat! I miss them already

                            Anyway, I've been making some great dinners lately. I love squash season so I'm taking full advantage. Yesterday I made butternut squash soup, so Delish. Also made spaghetti squash. I tend to keep this made in the fridge and throw chicken on it, tuna, or whatever I want for a nice snack or meal.

                            Good luck everyone!


                            • Hello all :-) I've been lurking in this month's thread and had been in last month's thread and am going to officially join in. Today will be my 34th day of Whole30 and I'm really enjoying eating so cleanly. I wish everyone well and look forward to taking the journey together!


                              • Originally posted by Pebbles67 View Post
                                Well, I did not make it through my BIL's 50th birthday without making very poor choices. Sigh, my Sept. Whole 30 is now a Whole 28. Beginning again.
                                social engagements are the worst! i am officially a hermit for my first whole30. :3 you can do it, good luck!