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Does caffeine help depression?



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    Yes, thank you again Nycea Pacific, for you valuable info! Going to try some amino acid supplementation for starters to see if it helps!


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      Originally posted by JackieKessler View Post
      Insert standard "I'm sad without my coffee" joke here.

      While caffeine hasn't had much of an impact on my moods (I've previously been on antidepressants), I've found that D3 -- or, for that matter, just being outside in the sun -- helps exponentially.

      If you want other caffeine options, how about black or green tea? Or some dark chocolate (75% cacao or better) for dessert?
      Yes to everything Jackie said! The morning coffee doesn't hurt, and it seems to help, get some sunshine too, and have some dark chocolate for an afternoon pick-me-up. You can also make a hot chocolate with raw cacao powder, coconut milk and stevia...

      Also, here's the prenatal yoga teacher in me... *clears throat* "You know, practice of prenatal yoga throughout pregnancy has been shown to significantly reduce the likelihood of post partum depression." So if it works with those whack-a-doo pregnancy and post partum hormone, it may certainly help with yours... Regular yoga, not pre natal, ha!
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        If anyone is interested in learning more about amino acid supplementation for depression here is a link to a free ebook download of Dr. Priscilla Slagle's book The Way Up From Down:
        Natural Health Alternatives, Natural Herb Remedy, Vitamin Supplement Store -

        Description from Amazon and link:
        This easy-to-follow program of vitamins and amino acids requires no drugs or therapy and will increase stamina and improve moods--forever. Learn how the right vitamins and foods can boost mental health, how to determine mood level, how improved mental habits can end depression, and more. Includes new update on stress prevention and the tryptophan controversy. The Way Up from Down (9780312929145): Priscilla Slagle: Books

        Has really good reviews. I did a search online for L-Tyrosine and depression and came across some info on this book.