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What do you do AFTER you eat?

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    Pretty much what's already been said. I have some fermented foods with each meal, keep the liquids to a minimum-I make sure to drink a big glass of water an hour before a meal, and go for a slow walk after.
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      Originally posted by CleoCat View Post
      For some reason, since I started eating Primal (some 18 mths. ago) I have no desire to drink liquids with my meals. Prior to that on SAD, I'd drink a huge diet soda or something. Maybe that's what happens to most people who actually eat real food, no drinking while eating. The way it's supposed to be.
      I've never been much of a drinker, period. I always used to joke around in college that I was "perpetually dehydrated" as I would go DAYS without drinking anything but coffee (and by "coffee" I mean a grande iced caramel frappucino with whipped cream and extra caramel every morning...). Even when I was living the SAD life and counting calories, eating "healthy", etc. and losing weight, I struggled to get the 8-a-day of H2O.

      Since cutting wheat and other garbage, I started drinking more water and found it easier to do so. I still have my coffee every weekday morning (this time it's freshly-ground and BLACK!) but after my first meal (I, too, eat only twice a day like gopintos) I only drink water or seltzer, and after my second meal I drink at least one big mason jar full of icewater. (I just realized I don't drink with my meals, but always after. Hmm.) Feeling hydrated before bed makes me less dehydrated, hungry, or thirsty in the morning, I found.
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        I use to drink lots with my meals. Lots. And not much the rest of the day. Now I am just the opposite. The glass that I get with my dinner meal, I drink the majority of it after my meal also, and this is my last for the evening, so I am not up all night going to the bathroom.
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          On my 24 fast days I eat then go to bed an hour or so later. I think this does just fine for digestion.


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            Usually burp and/or fart. Wipe my face on my shirt sleeve and motion for my wife to clear the table because I am finished.

            Then I suit up, equip my lance and prepare for jousting.
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              Just thinking about the water thing in an evolutionary sense,
              we probably only drank water once or twice a day,

              It would not make any sense to live next to a watering hole as predators know herbivores must drink and this would have been a favorite hunting area, so it is likely that we sheltered some distance from a reliable water source, near enough to walk to when thirsty, but far enough away that we weren't in the midst of the action when a pride of lions came to survey the watering hole pickings for dinner.
              So the likelihood is we had a late afternoon meal, then possibly some time after before dark wandered to the watering hole as a group, all had a good drink while on the look out for predators, then wandered back to our hidey hole to bed in for the night, maybe nibble some more scraps from the main meal.

              It all makes a bit of sense when you pick out the details and compare it to the "Mediterranian diet", it may not be the food types so much as the behaviours.
              *They do not indulge in big breakfasts generally.
              *They have most of their activity from morning to late afternoon.
              *They usually have their main meal mid afternoon.
              *The meal usually starts with some pickled, smoked, soured foods as nibbles
              *They have a Siesta, rest after the meal to allow digestion.
              *They go for a walk and socialise in the late afternoon/early evening
              *They tend to have a very light dinner if any at all, often just some black coffee & fruits.

              Just change the setting from the quaint Italian/Spanish/French village and plant it on the African Savanah, quick change of clothes and the behaviours are much the same, maybe this is the key health benefit of the "Medeterranian diet".
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                Have a cup of tea, if you are having digestion issues, peppermint, camomile or lemon and ginger tea are generally pretty soothing.


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                  I find since I started primal I *have* to have a glass of water shortly after eating to cleanse my palate, else I fantasize about sweets endlessly. I do hear that drinking after eating is bad for digestion, but haven't noticed anything...
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                    Originally posted by Fernaldo View Post
                    Usually burp and/or fart. Wipe my face on my shirt sleeve and motion for my wife to clear the table because I am finished.

                    Then I suit up, equip my lance and prepare for jousting.
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                      go walking with my dogs, do some more work and then watch a show with the my partner, then he goes to bed and I continue working or most times surf the internet until I can't keep my eyes open


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                        i don't have problem with digestion so I usually just relax and watch TV.