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Hormones, sugar binge and a too easy way into ketosis



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  • Hormones, sugar binge and a too easy way into ketosis

    Maybe some of you has an idea about this thing

    Clearing carbs have been great in dealing with medication side effects, pcos and the sort, even though my lipid panel sends doctors up the wall (ugly ApoB numbers and the weirdest TG) but I'm having a serious blind spot once a month: when I'm about to get my period I have one sugar binge, HUGE for my standards (I eat 2/3 pieces of fruit a week, if no less, ditched all grains and seeds, and have a real bad time eating vegetables so I limit them to some greens and that's all). Carbs are coming from some diary I'll soon ditch too and some sugar in ginseng coffee but I can say I stay low enough, I live happy through out the month this way ALMOST.
    Today was the day, we were out at a japanese restaurant and I was so good I could cry: no rice, no fried stuff, great salmon sashimi, avoided all soy miso soup included, some algae salad, drank water ... then the owner, who knows me since the place opened ten years ago, came to us with an enormous "grilled" ice cream tray, a HUGE serving of tapioca pearls (old fav) and a three servings couple of tiramisù pots. I avoided the flour part (ice cream wrapped in pancakes, roasted and covered in chocolate sauce). I went through ice cream and tapioca pearls as a hot katana would go through a butter stick (poor things had no chance).
    I overate, I understand that, I wouldn't have done it yesterday (I was out for dinner and stayed as put and primal as one can, with grass fed raw meet and grass fed raw milk cheese wow). I probably won't even like the idea of sugar tomorrow, but today? It was like I couldn't stop shoveling sugar into my poor system.
    Anyone knows why? I think it's hormones related but there's a slight chance for it to be more of a mental thing? Like I feel it coming and go "WTF let's go eat something sweet and sticky"?


    I forgot, as long as I ate sugar tomorrow morning I'll be as ketotic as one can be with my PH in bad shape, still into a normal range but with a bad anion gap from unmeasured anions (meaning main electrolites will look tolerable but there will be still some serious shit going here and there in that vast area unknown to regular panel controls).
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    Check out the second question Mark answers here: Dear Mark: Food for Skiing, Menstrual Carb Cravings, a Stubborn Teen, and More | Mark's Daily Apple

    Also, you've totally put me in the mood for ice cream! Gah!
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      Hey Luce,

      It is something a lot of us women experience that TOM. It is hormonal and natural. I am sure it has to do with evolution but not sure exactly why or how it occurs. If a day or even two days, are the only time u "binge" on sugary treats and remain on plan the other 28-9 days then that's awesome. I would not sweat it. I think what most people who want to keep their sugar and carb content low will do is, make their own low carb sweets like coconut balls, home made icecream (control carbs by adding low cal sweeteners) or even have a tray of fruits doused in heavy coconut cream etc


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        this totally happens to me the week leading up to it. I did go for nearly 2 years controlling these "cravings" but there were times I thought I was going to lose my mind. Recently I've been horrible and have gone to eating things I shouldnt around that time. But, I have recently dropped the dark chocolate (which I was using way too frequently) and all sugar. Hoping I can get through this month. Every OTHER month seems to be worse for me---think I'm not ovulation that month and my estrogen is just surging, unchecked by any progesterone.
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          Coconut milk is my thing when I can get it, but it doesn't go near to calm down the crave. Mascarpone somehow works for a while, though, maybe because it is 21% carbs after all.
          To be honest today I'd dive into dried figs and dates (without the goat cheese filling and with no bacon wrap).
          I read about guys who fill energized after carbs but I only feel like crap, I gotta admit I sleep a lot better after the binge and until the cramping begins.
          Luckily it happens only once a month, it wold be really hard to deal with it all the time.

          Oh, I forgot to say but this thing got bad since my cortisone medication went slightly up, I wonder how much this thing tweaks my hormonal system not only at a sexual hormones levels but as a renin-angiotensin-epoetinBeta cycle and as a adrenal/cortisol/sodium loop. What if I confuse salt/fat cravings with sugar cravings only this time of the month? My experience with TOM and PMS is negligible, I had ten years of a menopause sort of thing and before that any craving was buried in drops of mu receptors blockers (opioid agonists, and that would explain the lack of any carb craving).

          Do you think working out would help tomorrow? I was thinking bench press and some shoulder work, if I can move (if there are no cramps I can count on a better performance, for me 2kg up on the bench press is a lot of added weight).

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