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Recent MDA Article - Fat Storage for Women



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  • Recent MDA Article - Fat Storage for Women

    Why Men and Women Store and Burn Fat Differently | Mark's Daily Apple

    I read this article recently and it brought to light something I've been thinking about a lot lately. This article states women store fat in their thighs and heinys and why we do so. All my life before pregnancy and during, this was certainly the case for me. HOWEVER, since pregnancy I have stored fat in my stomach that does *not* want to budge. I've always wondered why this is??? I'm 6 months in to nursing, and the fat on the rest of my body is whittling down, but not so much on my stomach. Is it a cortisol thing? Stress of pregnancy still present in my body? What?? Also, I saw a LOT of women commenting similar complaints about "non typical" female fat storage. What's going on???
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    As I understand it (disclaimer: not a woman) when women are stressed their body 'shuts down' and acts more like that of a man. Here's Stefani Ruper's rebuttal of the MDA fasting series as advocated for men and women.

    If you are breastfeeding a 6 month old (particularly at night), that would definitely qualify as 'stressed' in my book.
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      First of all, Yay Mark! for even getting around to addressing gender differences.

      But, I think that article basically told all of us females what we already know. It is annoyingly easy for guys to lose weight and hard for us even with identical eating, effort, etc.

      I think this also addresses why so many guys can "get away with" a cheat (or several) while the ladies have one step out of line and that cheat food "goes straight to the thighs".


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        Seems like it must be a hormonal thing... once we are past the childbearing age we store get to store fat in our abdominal area rather than our thighs and buttocks... or a bit of both probably. Aren't we lucky! I never used to store fat in my middle and now in my mid thirties it doesn't seem to want to budge! I haven't even had kids yet!