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Primal giving me an eating disorder

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    If a person has obsessive compulsive tendencies, they have them. No one WOE "gives" this to them.

    If you were a vegan you might obsess over the one micron of egg in the ingredient list.
    If you were a raw foodist you might obsess about making sure your kale chips never go over 150 degrees in the dehydrator.
    If you were a fruitarian, you might act like D Rider.

    And, if you happen to be Primal/paleo, you might obsess over the quality of your food and your macros.

    On any WOE you might tend to get too restrictive with yourself and then binge out.

    You are just manifesting aspects of you. Primal is just the framework that happens to be in place.
    If you want to work on the ED, that's great. But saying any one WOE caused it


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      Wow, lots of good comments i did not expect. I made some notes and also had some lightbulbs go off while reading all the replies.
      otzi : Yes, I am planning on having a complete blood work done, with vitamins and everything. That made me realize that this summer is the first I did not lay out and tan because we had a solar flare over the winter and was thinking it's best to stay out of those rays this year. I might actually lack VitD.

      cavebaby: I thought about drinking water everytime a craving pops up but that dang water is in the fridge and guess what else? I should buy a Minifridge for $99,- to solve that problem.

      Neckhammer: It's true, I need a hobby or two. We've been sacrificing everything (but food quality) over the last 3 years and just sat at home doing nothing but stare at walls. Hopefully this will soon change since I made my last payment this month and we are actually completely debt free starting September.

      magicmerl: Freezing left overs is genius, I'm not sure why I haven't done that. I freeze the dogs fresh raw foods why not mine? I lack plastic containers to do so though, mine are all glass and break in the freezer. Plastic containers are now on the list to buy!

      ennaejay: When I read those words "it takes effort" I thought to myself "no shit, when did I become lazy and let this 'thing' take ahold of me". I don't know at which point I took the back seat because everything seemed to be SO EASY on primal...

      emmie: You mention that I might have a tendency for disordered eating. Mmmmaybe just a little bit, I've always obsessed about looking athletic. I know I have a slight OCD for it drives me nuts if objects in the house are not at a 90 degree angle aligned with walls or furniture... (you can laugh if you must =P)

      Kerry: I think your suggestion goes hand in hand with otzi's, something might be missing or something might actually be too high throwing off a balance.


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        Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
        You need a hobby. Perhaps several.
        I agree with this. When I get bored I can eat too much but if I'm busy I rarely feel hungry or the need to eat. I have hobbies but also look for ways of getting exercise that accomplish something, like changing the soil grade around the garage. (Needed to be done but I volunteered.) Being busy and getting (good) tired are the best ways of keeping me from wanting to eat.
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          Some no expense hobbies are: learning to cook (heck your buying good food anyhow), learn to ferment (same as last, plus helps with food not getting wasted), train your dog (takes time and patience, but a good hobby none the less), walk, lift, yoga or tai chi (just grab a random book and do the basic set of moves), putz around on blogs and read science and debate strangers on the internet about health minutia (relative waste of time, but better than obsessing ), plant a garden, read up on permaculture, play cards (I prefer poker, but this one is NOT a low expense one), wrastle the get the picture.

          Forget who said it but...."Only boring people get bored".


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            Is seems like if it's an obsession with food, then going off primal won't do much, either. It's hard, but TAKE CONTROL! Just stop eating when you know you've started eating too much. Take a shower, go for a walk, sweep the house.

            As for the quanitites you have to buy, cook it and then freeze it! It will be there for you the next day when you've finished your first portion.

            I find that fruit and nuts tend to make me overeat. If they're a big part of your diet, try taking them out for a while.

            Find a goal for your life. Don't put food as a priority. Just live life, and eat whenever you have hunger. It will come.

            Remember why you started eating primally and try to reestablish the mindset you had in the beginning.

            For breakfast, you can eat anything. Doesn't have to be eggs. Eat your favorite dinners for breakfast.

            This is just a hump that you can get over! I know you can. (:
            Making adventure out of this thing called life


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              This book helped me a lot with my ED...
     Overcoming Overeating: How to Break the Diet/Binge Cycle and Live a Healthier, More Satisfying Life (9781456413330): Jane R. Hirschmann, Carol H. Munter: Books


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                I've looked into this and read most of the reviews. It's cheap, but before ordering it I'll check the local library and see if I get to read it for free.
                Thanks for the link mate.


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                  To be honest with you, I think you're out of your mind.


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                    Originally posted by The Return of Dado View Post
                    To be honest with you, I think you're out of your mind.
                    I'm sure the feeling is mutual.
                    My Journal: Englishman In Oz, Skinny to Muscle in a Primal Way


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                      I combine primal with the 'No S diet' which says no snacking, no sugar and no seconds except SOMETIMES on days that start with an S. If I know that I can have whatever I want when the weekend rolls around then I feel a lot more relaxed about things and I often don't bother. Though hey - sometimes I want something non-primal and then the rule is I have to want it bad enough to make it myself and then I share to get rid of it. That might help. Just a thought. Look at it as a guideline that you generally follow in your life. But hey - you also need the room to indulge yourself now and then and not feel a shred of guilt about it. I find my problem more than anything was overeating in general. Even if I eat SAD stuff but only stick to 3 meals it's hard for me to go over 2000 calories a day.


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                        You could try Overeaters Anonymous. You can define what abstinence means to you and you would have support to help you achieve it. Their 3-0-1 idea is useful. Three (3) meals a day, Nothing (0) in between, 1 (one) day at a time. Anyway, you aren't alone. I think about food all the time, too, even if I'm not hungry. I usually forget all about it when I'm doing things I really enjoy, like hiking or playing at the jam session (if I'm having a good night and feel like I can actually play the fiddle, which I mostly can't.)
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                          If you're fasting because you feel like you have to...stop. Don't stress over snacking, or IFing. That's my advice.

                          And if you're bored...what about going for a walk? I'm still Walking to Mordor (via Nerd Fitness) -- nearly 80 miles since I began at the end of July. It's a great way to Move Slowly, it gets you out in the sunshine, and there's a goal (reaching Mordor).
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                            Originally posted by Issabeau View Post
                            The more I think about how I can't have something because it raises insulin or it ruins my teeth, the worse the cravings get for food because that is what I constantly think about, from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed.
                            Sounds like you are in a world of pain. This level of cravings & feeling awful after good quality food is not normal. I would also suggest checking out whether you have underlying health issues which are affecting you e.g, hormones, insulin resistance, food allergies/ sensitivites, leaky gut etc. If there is underlying issues then these need to be addressed as a priority in order for you to feel better.

                            I spent about 4-5 months in hell trying to eat a limited whole food diet, with minimal sugar etc. Ended up I had undiagnosed insulin resistance (which makes you want to overeat & gives you irrational, uncontrollable cravings), adrenal fatigue, a leaky gut (which meant among other things I had cravings as I couldn't absorb nutrients properly), food sensitivities to gluten, some nuts, most grains, all my other hormones were out of whack & causing so many other symptoms & issues. If you feel this crappy research your symptoms, educate & empower yourself. Take control. Engage a holistic practitioner who is not just treating symptoms & diseases, who holds nutritional beliefs which resonate with you, & who is actually healthy themselves (not overweight) to help you analyse the big picture & help you get well.

                            Since I was diagnosed & treated, I have turned all this & more around. Once I was under treatment I was able to change to a primal diet & not feel like crap, not experience cravings, not overeat.. which as it turns out had been due to the underlying medical conditions & not a healthy, pure diet.

                            Wishing you strength & success on your journey to wellness.


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                              I had pretty much the same problem, but I don't really know how to help. I thought carbs and dairy were evil. But then when i started eating them again, I felt normal again. You have to broaden your choices. Yogurt with fruit, maybe honey. Coconut milk smoothies, find new recipes. Primal isn't more restricted than CW. CW says no to red meat, chicken skin, full fat yogurt, egg yolks and more. You "can have" pretty much anything. Anything but grains. Name 1 thing that CW says is healthy which isn't primal apart from grains.
                              Sure you "can't have" brownies, but you "can't have it" on any other "diet".
                              well then


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                                Look, it's one thing to say that you're bent out of shape over food, but it's a totally different thing to say that "Primal is giving me a disorder.".

                                It's irresponsible to blame Primal.