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  • Leangainers - Please Review!

    Allright - time for some evaluation. I've been doing LeanGains since July 16th which makes this my 44th day. I am not really seeing the results I would have expected after a month and a half. I'm not talking about the scale (since that really isn't a good indicator of progress), but I would have thought there would have been some slimming/fat loss, clothes fitting loser, etc. My goal is not to 'lose weight' as much as losing fat and gaining muscle. I haven't gained any weight at all since the scale hasn't moved during this time. Bear in mind I am trying to be realistic so I wasn't expecting the dramatic transformations I have seen in others since I do have a layer of abdominal fat to lose. Here's my routine (35 yo male, 216, 6'2", otherwise lean except for belly fat, as in 36"-38" waist):

    MWF: workout days. 2500 cals (212 protein, 353 carbs, 34 g fat, -5% TDEE) I usually do not reach that level of carbs, it generally comes in around 200 grams. Fat varies a bit, but rarely goes over 50g. Here's my workout: Five rounds of 3x5 chins, 20 dive-bomber pushups, 3x5 squats (on an actual squat rack...I switched gyms), 20 pushups. This is adapted CrossFit WOD that I really enjoy and kicks my ass. Takes about 40 mins and I'm done.

    TTSS: Rest days. 1896 cals (212 protein, 30 carbs, 105 fat, -30% TDEE). I usually hit the macros, but depending how long I fast I may not. If I am not hungry my fast might go for 20 hours which leaves only a four-hour eating window. It's hard to get 2K cals in 4 hours! I will drink on Saturday and Sunday, those days I am conscience of fat intake. I mainly focus on clear liquors with things like club soda as a mixer, but the past few weeks have been having beer.

    So, that's it. Any tips and/or tricks, or am I just impatient and need to give it another few months? Thanks to all!

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    Leangains was originally about gaining muscle without gaining much fat in the process. It also turned out that it can be used similarly to lose fat while preserving as much muscle as possible. You still need to determine whether you're more interested in losing fat or gaining muscle. Trying to do both simultaneously can lead to stagnation in both. My advice would be to focus on one or the other. Always workout, but eat less if you're wanting to lose fat and eat more and push harder when you're wanting to gain muscle. Also, if you're really wanting to gain muscle then I'd advise using weights and make sure you cover the basics (squats, deads, bench, overhead press and pullups)
    I started with the leangains approach to get down to a single digit body fat percentage a couple years ago and like it so much I have continued with it to maintain my weight and add muscle. I'll continue using the LG approach for the rest of my life.


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      My goal is fat loss, Daemonized. That's why I have both calorie targets lower than TDEE. But I think you hae hit the nail on the head...I need to get some weights in my hands!


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        I will second the recommendation to hit the heavy weights. You gotta give a stimulus to build/maintain muscle especially when on a calorie defecit.


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          Wow, it is bizarre how close your height\weight and workout are similar to mine. I weighed 220lb or so when I started Primal eating a few months ago. I am now down to around 205, I do the leangains style fasting of 16hrs or so a day. My workouts are 2 or 3 days of body weight exercises like yours, plus walking 30 min a day 5days a week. However I don't count calories at all, I suspect I eat fewer calories than you. Maybe try incorportating walking and bigger calorie deficits on non-workout days..
          good luck


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            Just recalc'd macros using guidlines. Came to Workout Day of 212 p, 30g f, and 400 c for a total calorie intake of 2310. Rest Day of 22 p, 80-100 f, 10-30 c for a target of 1540. That seems low to me but then again, perhaps my previous calculations were overly high? Seems like increasing the weight, changing up the movements, and decreasing calories is the prescription here.


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              That's pretty low.

              Personally, I'd start on something in the 20000k-22000kCals/week range, allowing you the freedom to partition it out differently on your 3 training days versus 4 rest days, if desired. Maintain a log of both weight and body part measurements and customize based upon the data trends you begin to see during the first 2-4 weeks.

              Slow, but steady, wins the race over a drastic day one caloric deficit any day of the week. Sustainability is the most crucial aspect of any cutting program.


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                Have you gotten stronger, or has strength stalled too?