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    Originally posted by secret agent girl
    In terms of liver, how would readers here rank them from mildest to strongest tasting?
    Chicken livers are the mildest.
    Of the ruminants, calf and lamb liver are also pretty mild because the critters are younger.
    Beef liver is, well, livery.
    Bison liver is if you really want to go hard core.


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      I love that this keeps making it back to the front page.... Its like my auto reminder that its time to make some liver pate!


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        I like turkey liver. If I can use the word "like" in connection with "liver"
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          Just took delivery of a whole lamb (in pieces) and the liver is HUGE. I had no idea. It was a 100 lb Dorset and the liver is just over 1lb. I was expecting a teeny thing. My 1st batch of PB liver pâté was with chicken livers, shallots, mushrooms, port and heavy cream. I had it every day for lunch this week. So delicious!

          I'm thinking of trying a liverwurst style pâté this time. DH hates liver, but loves liverwurst (go figure), so maybe he'll try it if the spices are right. If not, I'm set for lunch next week too.
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            Running this recipe today but am smoking the pastured livers with butter & onions.

            thx for the recipe, PaleoBird.

            Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
            Hi there. Good way to get my attention. I don't always check the recipe section

            My pate recipe has evolved and every time I change it it gets a little simpler and a lot better.

            2 lbs sliced liver (any critter, lamb and calf are my favorites)
            cook in a stick of butter
            season while cooking any way you like (I like Italian herbs, garlic and s&p)
            put whole mess in blender (or use a hand blender)
            add 1 cup heavy cream (raw is best if available)
            blend the living daylights out of it until smooth
            pour into tupper cups and fridge.

            If you want to freeze some for later, drizzle some coconut oil or other fat on top to seal out the air first.

            Other things can be added in the mixer for flavoring such as onions, tomatoes, capers, olives, bell peppers, sherry. But I kind of just like the creamy flavor all by itself.

            Can be served in celery sticks or as the filling between two slices of cucumber. Or, the ultimate pate delivery device, a spoon.
            Pate is a great way to get those who are a little reluctant about liver to come over to the offal side.

            Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!