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Do I need more calories??

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    Originally posted by Moll View Post
    Thanks so much, guys. I'm going to try to shoot for around 1500 - even that is difficult for me! Seriously, I love olive oil and coconut oil, and I feel like 1/2 - 1 tablespoon is really generous for when I'm cooking or eating - any more than that and it's all I can taste. I'm going to try very hard to listen to my body - it's not something I'm super good at for some reason. I don't really register pain until it gets intense, and then I wonder why I didn't notice it creeping up on me! But as long as weight loss progresses, and energy stays up, I can't be going wrong.

    LauraSB - yeah, I don't want to have to be pushing food down my throat when I'm not hungry - it does seem counter intuitive.

    palebluedots - good advice on the vitamins and minerals - I do need to pay attention to that!
    The closer you listen, the clearer the messages will become. Right now, eat the right foods to appetite. Forget about how much/calories/nutrients. Try not to eat in a regimented way~ like same foods, same time~ if you miss a meal, well so did Grok. Try to learn your own body's rhythm. Just relax, as long as you avoid grains, legumes and dairy if you're intolerant, you can't do this wrong. You're already into good fats!


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      Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
      You might be able to get more calories in if you eat meatier meat. Have a steak. Have some ground beef. Have a portion of pork butt roast or pork belly. Since you like fish, switch to salmon with the skin on.

      If you want more fat, rather than choking down plain coconut oil (ew), make some fatty treats. Liver pate is awesome. Pesto makes everything taste better. I put it on thin slices of cheese. Yum!! I've also made coconut manna, cocoa and chopped macadamias into little balls. I store those in the freezer. They're pretty good. Not very sweet. Maybe they'd be better with some dates or honey, but I kind of like them unsweetened. Another treat is to blend a few slices of frozen banana, a few frozen strawberries and some coconut milk. Just like ice cream.

      I'm working on getting beef...the reason I went vegan in the first place is the cruelty in the meat/dairy industry - so in order to keep my sanity, I'm only getting meat from local farms that I can verify are humane. But I placed an order that I'm picking up this Saturday so beef and bacon are coming. I think it'll be awhile (if ever) before I can do organs...I've always been the squeamish type. But I LOVE the coconut milk ice cream idea! I'm going to have to try that, the sooner the better!


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        Originally posted by Nady View Post
        if you miss a meal, well so did Grok.
        Just gotta keep telling myself that!


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          What is your exercise like?

          That will have a BIG effect on your bodies requirements? Not just replenishing what the exercise burns but also rebuilding and adjusting the efficiency of your body.