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Buying about 100lbs of grass fed beef - What cuts to get?

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  • Buying about 100lbs of grass fed beef - What cuts to get?

    So we have found a local farmer who has an organic, grass fed "highlander" 1/2 side of beef already buchered and is ready for pickup. Due to cost, I don't want to buy all 220 lbs of it right now, so I am getting roughly 1/4 of this cow (100-110 lbs).

    If I have a choice in the matter, what cuts should I get? We like beef stews (I don't know what my wife buys for that), and I hope we can get 20-25 lbs of ground beef in there as well as we like our naked burgers and taco salads once a week or so. What are some of the typical cuts for a side of beef?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If it is already butchered and ready for pickup, then you probably don't have a lot of choice on the cuts. When you buy beef (or bison, etc), you make decisions that control whether certain parts are steaks or roasts or ground.

    And, if you are going to get "half a half", then they will give you 50% of each of the various packages. That's a great way to get started on buying the whole animal, so I applaud you. But be prepared to work it the other way around... have a cut, and then figure out what the best way to use it is.


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      If you had the choice, you would get 100lbs of rib eye steaks and call it a day, then you'd go live a better life knowing you have 100 lbs of rib eyes, and I'd be insanely jealous, unless of course, you invited me over for a grill out.