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  • Soda help!

    Ok, I've been mostly primal for two months now. I do 20/4 fasting and a 48 hour fast once a week. To date I've lost 20 pounds, which it's about half of what I want.

    My question concerns Diet Mountain Dew. I'm addicted to it. I drink 2-3 24oz DMD's a day. I need a substitute, something similar but healthier for me to redirect my addiction to. I've considered diet sprite, but I don't know if that will be any better for me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, please?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Yuk, it's poison. Sorry can't make suggestion other than just don't do it!

    One glass of freshly squeezed real grapefruit off the tree would be way more satisfying and nutritious than 3 bottles of this stuff.

    To my way of thinking there's no such thing as mostly primal, it's either primal or it's not - and diet drinks (including sprite) are not. Why would you sabotage all your other good decisions by ingesting them?
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      Agreed with what was said above. If you're really hung up on the whole carbonation factor, go with club soda/carbonated water. I always find that pretty refreshing.


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        Sparkling mineral water with a squeeze of lemon or lime (or both).
        Plain water (what a concept.)


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          A little off topic, but is everyone always talking about DIET soda, like sugar soda isn't bad or anything..
          well then


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            I stopped drinking soda years ago and now I find it rancid. I agree with the others - soda is pure crap and you just need to stop.

            I don't even really like fizzy things anymore, but if I want something with fizz and flavor, I get seltzer. They come in all sorts of "natural" flavors, but I usually just go for plain seltzer with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, and sometimes with muddled berries. I've also added a drop or two of vanilla extract to a glass of seltzer and it's pretty damn tasty.
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              Unfortunately, you just have to get off the soda merry-go-round. Diet sodas don't have sugar, but they are LOADED with chemical crap that you just don't need to be putting in your body.

              If you hate the taste of water (that's weird to me, but some people do) try putting some lemon or lime juice in it. Sparkling water is also a good option. Try drinking ice cold water with lemon to see if that gives your tastebuds more of a boost.

              Just keep thinking of your body as an engine. You wouldn't put crap oil or gas into it because you know it would break down that much faster. Drinking diet soda is using crap oil and gasoline and your body WILL break down faster if you continue to drink it.
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                SODA IS TERRIBLE!!!!! I havent had a drink of one in 3 years since I was a senior in high school living the SAD diet and going to fast food for lunch in which also i havent had in 3 years (Off campus school=awesome)..Anyways i love LEMON WATER so much!!! I just throw a wedge in my gallon jug i carry around all day and it satisfies me hugely!! I only intake water all day everyday..Also havent had alcohol in 2 MONTHS!!! YAAYAYA

                If the carbonation is the factor do some carbonated water and add some fresh squeezed lemor or lime in there to get that sense of citrus like mountain dew gives u...
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                  Hi alex!

                  Yeah, I hear you. My answer depends on what kind of psychology you have - are you the cold turkey kind, or do you need to wean off?? I am fighting the Soda Monster, too.

                  If you are the wean-off kind, here is what I suggest:

                  First, make the move to a diet soda that doesn't have caffeine and let your body get used to not having that.

                  Then alternate each bottle of the caffeine-free diet soda with a glass/bottle of the best water you can find. This will start cutting out the sweet dependence while keeping the volume that you are used to.

                  Then move to a soda thing that has all-natural, "clean" ingredients. Reed's Ginger Brews are just awesome tasting. Your local well-stocked health food store will have them so you can buy a couple of bottles to sample (they come in different flavors). These aren't diet, but they are "clean", so you will be retraining your body to do without the chemicals. My kids also like Izzy. One daughter likes one or two of the Zevia.

                  Then you can move to mostly doing without and keeping the clean sodas for special occasions. The natural sodas come in small bottles, so you will be decreasing the volume you are used to.

                  Just hang in the new soda zone(s) for a while until you are ready to take the next step - this also gives you time to research new natural sodas and other drinks that you probably don't know are out there. We have made this a family project, and it is a yummy one!

                  This is how I have managed to decrease my diet soda intake to the rare can of mass-market stuff (on really weak days), that I never finish, and completely prefer the naturally brewed ones. Now, the Mountain Dew and Mello Yello won't go down - my tastes have changed and it tastes so chemically and fake. I haven't been able to get into the plain seltzer thing yet (I like heavily iced water better) - perhaps you might.

                  Good luck, and write with your progress!!
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                    I agree, the diet sodas are basically poison in a bottle. The ingredient list gives me the creeps. Every time I see a friend or coworker drinking this stuff, I want to stage an intervention. The only thing worse is sugared soda, which my boss drinks - it hurts me to watch her.

                    I sometimes drink seltzers because my room mate keeps tons of them around the house, but I'd say 90% of what I drink now is water, tea, and coffee. I've settled into a routine -- coffee before noon, tea before 5, water after that. I don't miss the sodas at all, and my body is a lot happier.


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                      I recently discovered that coconut water + lemon/lime nuun tablets taste like Mtn Dew
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                        We have an at-home carbonator (soda stream) because I got hooked on club soda with fresh lemon squeezed into it when I worked as a bartender. This is mostly the type of carbonated beverage I drink - club soda with lime, lemon, a bit of unsweetened juice, etc. (I make a UTI-buster that's unsweetened cranberry + apple cider vinegar topped off with club soda - it tastes a little crazy the first time, but it sure works!)

                        Personally, I'd go cold turkey off of the dew. Whether it's diet (aspartame) or regular (HFCS), I believe it's got all kinds of fun chemicals, like brominated vegetable oil (EW... just ew. now go google it.)

                        If you want to wean yourself off the dew, here's some ideas with club soda - if you're buying it instead of making it, make sure the only ingredient is carbonated water (no salts, sweeteners, etc.):

                        Start watering down your dew with club soda, gradually increasing the amount of club soda... as your tastes change, straight dew will start to taste gross (WAY too intense) to you.

                        I've used the sodastream syrups before (especially for guests who can't fathom soda water or unsweetened juice + soda water), but they either have Splenda or splenda + sugar, so I almost never use them anymore. They do have a mountain-dew-esque flavor which might help you to wean yourself off the dew (just add less and less of it each time); while it has fewer chemicals and bad things, it still has them.

                        I'd actually recommend fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice mixed 1/2 & 1/2 w/plain fizzy water... this concoction will never taste the same as mountain dew, but we enjoy it every now and then (sometimes a splash of unsweetened cranberry too).
                        I suppose if it's not sweet enough, you could add some stevia and wean off of that.

                        hope that helps.


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                          I am weaning myself off of Diet Pepsi, so I understand your pain, lol. I have gone from 48-60oz a day to 12oz. At this point I need to just quit I think. The first thing I would do is stop buying the 24oz bottles. Switching to 12oz cans or bottles may get you a 25% reduction in volume consumed without even paying too much attention.

                          La Croix and Perrier make flavored sparkling waters with no sweetners or sugar that I like better than any other brands I've tried. The La Croix coconut is one of my favorites. For lemon or lime flavor though, I don't think anything beats Pellegrino sparkling water with real lemon or lime. My project for 2013 is to move away from the sparkling water. I can't imagine that 48oz of carbonated water a day is really good for my stomach.
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                            I love the bullshit claims of: "It's poison in a bottle". If you like diet soda, drink diet soda. Show me hard evidence that the chemicals in diet soda are "poisonous".... I want to see the fatalities linked to diet soda consumption... I would like to see that versus breathing the air in L.A.
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                              Is Diet Soda Linked to Heart, Stroke Risk?
                              Soda Linked to Lung Disease

                              Obviously correlation is not causation. However, it seems like there's enough information out there that would suggest that many facets of modern living are making us weaker and sicker, and soda plays a role. As does the air in L.A. (or any city, for that matter).

                              I'd agree with the seltzer water/lemon or lime water ideas. Or at least switching to natural soda as a transition aid.