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where to buy dandelion root tea?

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  • where to buy dandelion root tea?

    I have heard that dandelion root tea can help improve one's skin/acne. Where is the best place to buy it? Online? Is it available at CVS or Walgreens?

    Also, does green tea help with acne?
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    Dandelion root tea is very common. Any health food store will carry it and some grocery stores that carry teas. You can also find it online from places like Mountain Rose Herbs, who sell bulk herbs to the public. Their prices are good too.

    Acne is most often caused from high levels of the androgens testosterone or progesterone:

    Some green teas can help by acting as a "bitter". Not all green teas have a bitter taste though. I recommend shou mei or lung ching for green teas if you want to go this way.
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      Found some tea bags at Whole Foods and just drank some.
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        I was recently reading about some benefits of Danelion tea as well over here.
        Dandelion Tea---Some Benefits
        How does it taste, I'm thinking of paying my local health foods store a visit?
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