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Primal 30 for October. Who's in?!

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  • Primal 30 for October. Who's in?!

    Not just whole 30, but whole 30 with Primal Fitness! A simple commitment, experiment, for October to get outside if possible and enjoy the last nice weather before freezing time. I'm diving in on Oct. 1st. Sprinting every week, the whole deal. Who's with me?!
    Crohn's, doing SCD

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    i could be down for this. i know there are a couple of days i would have to break away just a little bit, but i feel i could use a little reset before the holidays start coming.


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      Okay. My eating rules goal is = 100% Primal eating. That means I will eat butter, and from time to time - raw organic hard cheese. No sweeteners, fruit or anything processed otherwise. I will eat nuts.

      Lately I had more success with running hard 20 min intervals on the elliptical after each lifting session. When I do that 4x a week, I don't have the sprint left in me. As long as I can do that instead of the 1 sprint, I am game.
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        I have never read that link before, thanks for posting. Hmmm I dont know. Giving up yogurt would be the worst for me. Have to give this one some thought.
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          ok, i'm definitely weddings or anything to attend. just a first birthday/elmo-palooza where i'm making a sorta-primal dessert.
          food rules: pretty much the whole 30. i can't guarantee that i wont have a glass of wine if the time is right, or rice if i'm out for sushi, but i will cut out dairy and peanut butter, my kryptonite, and all cheats. i'm going to allow ghee and almond butter though. and, i may not always go for the best quality pepperoni or salami. also, if i can afford/find it, i'll try for grass-fed/pastured/organic/etc foods.

          exercise: i'll do pbf for a month. i was going to order and start convict conditioning for october, and i still might, but i'll do mark's lifting program.
          sprinting once a week, or two metcon workouts per week.
          personal challenge: average one hour of moving slowly per day.


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            I'm totally in!


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              What Leida said.. I gotta have some nuts and hard cheese, not everyday, but maybe 2-3x wkly. If I have a few walnuts or macadamias with me, it's amazing how it strengthens my willpower when I'm away from home. When at home, I'm superwoman because ain't no junk around here

              Sprinting everyday when playing w/dogs, will do more because it'll be cooler, yay. Shovelglove I LOVE, doing it 4-5 days/wk- 14 mins, upper body so much stronger.. treadmill twice a day, 2 miles @ 7am, 2 miles @ 7pm, knees never hurt anymore and I thought that injury was with me forever.

              So I'm in.. a few get togethers to go to but people already used to me turning down their crapfood, they roll their eyes at each other, like I care.


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                Yeah, count me in too.
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                  I'm in, if you'll have me. I haven't joined one of these threads before, but think it might be helpful to stay on track.

                  My birthday & my 1 year eating primal anniversary are in October & I’ve been planning a Whole30 as my present to myself - not a burden. My purpose for Whole30 is to experiment with my food to see if I can clear up my skin and improve my recovery after a workout. Both are better with a primal foundation, but I’d like to see the results of ditching dairy (butter, cheese, heavy cream), corn (popcorn, corn tortilla chips) & sugar (dried fruits, chocolate, various other indulgences).

                  I love the idea of focusing on the PBP Fitness at the same time! I have been slacking on my slow movement and will take the Whole30 challenge to get back on track with my daily walks.

                  I'd love to hear how people are "planning". . . for me I need to re-stock my ghee to replace my butter and set up replacement snacks for my usual dairy, corn & sugary “treats” which have really become daily indulgences.
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                    I'm definitely in too


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                      I like the fitness commitment. But there is no way I'm doing keto without my high fat dairy options like mascarpone. I have quit dairy entirely for long stretches and know that these things do me no harm whatsoever. And who ever said you had to give up nuts? Is that seriously part of the purist whole 30? You can't make fat bread without nuts. Oh and there I go "paleofying" a non paleo food yada yada. Slippery slope, yada yada. Sorry, I can see how this matters for a newbie to break old bad habits but I'm really kinda past that now. Been at this a while.

                      So, if you will have me for the fitness challenge, I'm in but I'm not going to be a diet purist about things that aren't important for me. (I am a diet purist enough already about eating PB. I don't even eat chocolate or drink any booze at all anymore.)


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                        I'm good on the food, too. I've just been lazy and letting stress get to me instead of working it out like I was a few months ago.

                        Let's face it, we each have our own dietary whole 30 in mind. Mine has liver in it, and reduced egg consumption to avoid inflammation, no dairy, no nightshades, bread or other grains, very little or no sugar at all - I think I'll even give up coffee this time and just have green tea. But as for getting off my butt and keeping a decent fitness routine, I haven't been! And I don't know why, but I have a faint lupus-like redness on my face that I haven't seen for a very long time, probably stress-induced. So DAILY MEDITATION in also on the menu for me!
                        Crohn's, doing SCD


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                          I'm gathering up food like a busy squirrel this time of year. Freezer full of fabulous beef from la Cense and scallops & salmon from Vital Choice. Kroger is selling org chicken now, Simple Truth brand, it's so good, so we're set for meats and seafood. I did find a wonderful chicken farm where eggs are so much better than store bought, even DH could tell a big difference.

                          Re-stocked my beloved ghee and avocado oil.. Have plenty of olive oil and olives, coconut in all forms.. Big, new can of macadamias, walnuts and brazil nuts.

                          Coolest thing: I made one end of the basement into a pretty Awesome root cellar. I want a real one dug so bad, DH says basement same as, so I've stocked it like my grandma would've. It doesn't smell like good earth like hers but will do for now.

                          Farmer John friend gave us a bushel basket full of sweet potatoes, beets, onions & different squashes. At the bottom of the basket he had jars of his famous tomatoes, peaches, pickles and some jam for DH and his love for buttered biscuits.
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                            Freezer holding some org Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, asparagus & green beans. Some Organic Valley cheese and all colors org bell peppers in fridge now. I eat a bell pepper a day, cooked in eggs/meats or raw in salads.

                            I grow arugula outside for now but it does great all winter from seed in the greenhouse. I'll buy avocados weekly, usually 4/wk, also a bag of org limes a week for green tea ( Ito en oi ocha Japanese dark)and to toss inside when roasting or grilling whole chickens.

                            It's a gorgeous Saturday morning, 2 miles treadmill done already, now time for yard work and playing with pooches, may wash my car while DH cleans pool.


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                              I'm in! My goal this time is to REALLY focus on getting to the gym. To not count calories or track macros and REALLY listen to the type of food my body is asking for. I did the focusing on high fat thing and it just hasn't worked for me in the way that just being more relaxed about it is. My goal essentially is to quit fighting this crap and find a primal happy place that I can stick to for a lifestyle change. My body isn't letting go of any weight right now anyway since I"m healing on a hormone level, that now is a good time to just force myself to relax a bit. Which seems counter intuitive for a whole 30 but for me this would be a very big deal!