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Making meatballs - thickening the sauce?!

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  • Making meatballs - thickening the sauce?!

    Ok - I've got THESE: Queen of the Kitchen: Gluten Free Swedish Meatballs in the pan right now. They're simmering in 2 cups of half and half, and after an hour, the recipe states that I'm supposed to add cornstarch to thicken the sauce. I know there are substitutes like potato starch, tapioca, arrowroot etc....what I'm wondering is if it's really necessary to add the starch at all? I know my "gravy" won't be very gravy-like, but is it going to make a big difference?

    I'm NOT AT ALL familiar with cooking meat/gravy, so any input is welcome!!!

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    Also my half and half seems to be...curding? I'm not sure how else to describe it. Is that normal??!?


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      Nope. You can cook down the cream if its too thin. Just remove the meatballs and continue to reduce the cream.

      I like to add dried mushrooms (powdered) to thicken things up. The mushrooms go well with nearly everything it seems. Might be worth a try next time but for now I think the sauce will be just be thin and not coat the meatballs like a normal cream sauce would. Still very tasty though.


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        It will be fine, the meat juices just will be watery rather than thick.
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          Thanks, everyone, I feel better now!