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Macronutrient calculations



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  • Macronutrient calculations

    I am having problems with working out macronutrients for the food I eat.

    As I cook from whole foods and never eat anything out of tins it is very difficult to work these out. I've tried several websites. One doesn't like my apple computer and won't keep any info for me and won't let me put in a seond food. Another spat the dummy and told me I had done something illegal and then gave me a nothing page.

    Are there any rules of thumb I can use?

    Or is there a foolproof site? Ie one that will tolerate someone who doesn't eat Campbells foods or anything processed?

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    I use Online Food Diary with Exercise Log and iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry Calorie Counter | MyNetDiary which works on iphone and on the computer.

    It lets you edit your macro targets too (so mine is 70% fat, 10% carbs, 20% protein... which a lot of the other calorie counters won't let you do)

    I know you probably don't want to track calories but you can ignore that part of it and just use it for the food database it has? There's no natural food I haven't found in there yet... and I'm always cooking from fresh as well.

    Another one I use frequently is Nutrition facts, calories in food, labels, nutritional information and analysis – but I have no account there, I just use it to check things every now and then

    Good luck!
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      cronometer worked fine for me on Mac.
      Alternatively, what I tend to do (because I cook the same meals week after week) is build a simple spreadsheet to help you work out the meals. You only have to do it once per meal, obviously. You can get the data from many sites such as nutritiondata (mentioned above). I find this a lot quicker & easier than using a website or app, once you've put a few hours in and got your regular meals worked out.

      Are there any rules of thumb I can use?
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      I find the rippedbody site very useful and readable (more so than the actual Leangains site if I'm honest!)


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        paleotrack should be able to take of things for you:
        Food journal for the Paleo Diet - PaleoTrack


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          Thanks everyone. Mynetdiary is working well for me now.