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  • Evaporated Cane sugar

    Yesterday was a bad day in that my cupboards were bare and while I did eat properly, there wasn't much of it. By the time I got off work, hit Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and FINALLY got home I was ravenous. So hungry in fact that before leaving the parking lot of Whole Foods I inhaled a single-serving package of Artisan's Raw Coconut Butter for the calories and fat. Yummmm!

    One of my purchases at Trader Joe's was Applewood Natural ham. It is lunchmeat, but it doesn't have anything in it outside of meat, celery salt...and evaporated cane sugar. I only bought it because I was starving and had already hit my carb targets for the day so didn't want to grab that yummy looking banana.

    As soon as I walked in the door I wrapped a slice of that ham around a tomato slice and inhaled it...and not too long afterwards my stomach became seriously upset. It eventually settled, but I am wondering if the evaporated cane sugar could have been the culprit. The only "cheating" I've done in the last 6 weeks has been 1 beer a week and using stevia in my coffee. The only real sugars at all that has been in my body have been from fruit.

    Could the evap. cane sugar have caused such a stomach upset? I don't think it was the coconut butter as THAT was 2 hours prior...

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    I guess I answered my own question - no more evaporated cane sugar! It was striking the effect it had on me after 6 weeks of no processed foods. The "uncured slow cooked ham" wasn't the usual chemical laden lunchmeat, but apparently just a bit too processed for my system. It didn't taste all that good either...