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Asian Paradox Revisited

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  • Asian Paradox Revisited

    Ok, I just want to put my own personal perspective on this. I am Chinese born in Canada. Growing up I ate both western and Asian foods. I am in my mid 30's now. Active with weight lifting and sports.

    I have been in great shape and overweight by 25-30 lbs at various periods of my life. Have tried strict paleo but couldn't do the super low carb. Now it's a mix of paleo and carbs.

    I was looking at all my Asian friends and what they eat. Most grew up here so were exposed to both types of diets. They ate rice and noodles daily, the typical Chinese fare.

    The ones that are athletes, doing martial arts, triathlon, weight lifting, they are LEAN. They have the "Bruce Lee" look, fit and muscular but not bulky.

    And they all eat high carb. But not typical Western carbs, Asian. Rice and noodles not bread and pasta.

    But they would eat moderate protein and fat. Not much gorging on fried chicken, burgers, pizza, cheese, heavy desserts, soda.

    So in that sense they are eating like in Asian countries.

    Of course I have Asian friends who are unfit and out of shape. They tend to eat the standard western fare.
    I find I need to limit those heavy things as well. But if I go clean proteins, good fats, then adding rice and noodles don't make me fat at all.

    I wonder if this is an Asian genetic disposition. My uncles, aunts, the older generation eat rice carbs and none are overweight. In one sense it could be "Primal" eating, as I'm sure the past few generations above me all ate a high rice/noodle carb diet. Thoughts?