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  • yogurt

    if eating yogurt what is the best kind to get? i usually get the fage stuff.

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    If you're limited to supermarket options, i.e. can't get milk from a local farmer or something, buy Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt... they feed their cows at least 30% grass to clear their guts, and organic grains, and you can be 100% sure of no rBGH. Fage cows probably eat lots of GMO shit, maybe even meat of other cows, we don't know since they make no claims about it, except that their farmers "pledge" not to use rBGH...which comes down to, do you trust the farmers at their word if no test can confirm or deny whether they used it? And using it would net them better profits? I dunno, I don't trust anyone these days, I guess.

    I'm on my 5th day dairy-free and fighting a cold... probably unrelated. Thinking of going back to yogurt even if it isn't a perfect food just because I like it and it's a probiotic. People here will recommend a full-fat yogurt... that's hard to find in reality, though, if you live in a small, non-health-conscious town like I do. I eat my low-fat yogurt with nuts so I'm still getting some fat with it. Meh. We do what we can.