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eeek Dark Chocolate & nasty side effects

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    Thanks every one for the suggestions, I do not think it is sugar or caffeine related. I do feel it may be L-trytophan, read a little about it. Most of all I may just cut out chocolate all together, it is not necessary and after the consequence I got from the dark chocolate the thought makes me shiver. I know I ate too much of it I just couldn't believe how poorly it made me feel

    easy enough -- my body does not want or need dark chocolate, just going to stay away from now on...
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      Originally posted by freedom.please View Post
      easy enough -- my body does not want or need dark chocolate, just going to stay away from now on...
      Dark chocolate can be a powerful migraine trigger for some people (as can anything else with tannic acid, like red wine, coffee, and black tea). Did you have light and/or sound sensitivity with the nausea and nasty headache? That was probably a migraine.


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        75g is way too much chocolate at once -- that's 3/4 of the entire bar. The average serving size is 40g. I used to eat nearly an entire bar of that exact chocolate almost every day, and I often felt the same as you did, minus the headache. Fatigued, sluggish, nauseated, moody, etc. I rarely eat cacao now, but if I do, I try to limit it to less than 20g (ideally around 10g).


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          try 90% chocolate. It's like, the very essence of cocoa, which is to say, bitter. You'll never be able to OD on it and it's very healthy. Definitely solves a chocolate craving!
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            Originally posted by freedom.please View Post
            Last night I treated myself to about 75g of Green & Blacks 85% dark chocolate.. oh boy... this was not good. I quickly took on a nauseous stomach and a really bad head ache.

            -apparently too much dark chocolate can have some pretty upsetting side effects

            -Who else has had similar experiences?
            -Does any one have suggestions how to get over this? (just have to give it time?)
            -Why does this happen?

            very interesting but not how I wanted to find out!
            I actually had just 6 squares of the same stuff today, that is half a serving. You ate 2 1/2 servings. The fiber alone is gonna give you issues, then the sugar, then the caffeine... Next time, just have the 1 serving..
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