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Is Paleo All or Nothing?

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    i do the 80/20 its more healthy for the mind, because its to hard to shift so drastically when you are living on these times, paloe changed my life and i feel happy and healthy this blog make me take the paleo decision The paleo recipe book and i will never regret.


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      I think it is less about carbs/fats/proteins and more about avoiding toxic foods. If you have gluten issues (or soy, or oils), when you eat them after being primal, you may end up feeling like ass. I can't have 20% if it includes grains and expect to not feel OK. However, I can enjoy ice cream and feel fine. You need to find those things and your level of tolerance.

      I don't think that eating paleo/primal plus an occasional cheat is worse than CW, however, depending on you and your metabolism, you can get fatter if you over eat. It's hard to overeat meat and veggies, but when you add in easy to overeat 20% stuff....
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        Originally posted by Liam View Post
        Paleo is not all or nothing.
        What's better? Eating 80-90% real whole food or 20-30% real whole food?
        A lot of people on this forum have an absolutists POV on Paleo. That if you're not doing 100% Paleo, you're not doing it properly and shouldn't even try.
        This is palpable nonsense. You get massive, massive health benefits by moving from a SAD to a 80-90% Paleo diet.
        That you can get these benefits and still enjoy regular things like pizza and beer (yes, they are enjoyable for many if not most), is a major selling point for Paleo. And if we're going to get more people to go Paleo (which I passionately believe in), we need to use this selling point more. I'd rather millions more eating 70% paleo than zero more because it's "all or nothing".
        One step at a time. Get folks to 80% Paleo, THEN worry about the remaining 20%.
        If you can get such great health benefits from 80% (which clearly means it's better for you) why would you ever consider keeping the 20% non-paleo? It's like saying I'll smoke light cigarettes because it's healthier for me than standard smokes. How about cutting them out altogether?

        I don't think we're being elitist when we say all or nothing. You can't claim to be anything unless you are 100% on board. And frankly, I don't see why someone would come on a paleo board to only be partially in agreement with it's ideology and philosophy?


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          I think people often get very enthusiastic about methodologies that work for them and this gives them a sense that they understand it all because, "it works for me!"

          That enthusiasm can turn to arrogance in some and then they start with the elitist attitude. I myself can fall into this trap too. I think that people have to do what feels right and works for them.

          Different parts of PB have appeal to different people depending on their needs. I'm focused on the weight loss and diet, because that's what I need right now. As I lose more fat, I am certain that my focus will change to include more exercise, it already has.

          Some people just like to argue and debate too. Give them a principle they believe in, (subject to their understanding of it) and they'll enjoy debating it to all comers. Hopefully it is done respectfully
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            I was totally compliant with the PB for a few years. Then I moved to a more 60/40 eating style with bread a few times a week, no restrictions on the sugary foods I love like nanaimo bars and Smarties, and other "transgressions" whenever I feel like it. I am no worse off for it. In fact I feel much better than when I was worrying about PB-approved foods. And now that I allow myself to eat whatever I want, there is no temptation to binge.
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              If you starting Paleo I would suggest going all or nothing Paleo (something like a Whole30 program). After at least a month, then see how much better you feel. At this point then follow Mark's 80/20 rule and you should be fine.
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                I don't really care if somebody goes 80/20 or 100% right out of the gate like I did. You make your own choices and see the results (or lack of) for yourself. I would tend to think if you're 80/20 you're better off than before, but I've never seen a side by side comparison of blood work either so I'm only guessing. The reason I dove in all the way was because I am serious about losing weight and want to get off the pills and be a more healthy human being. I also figured that 80/20 would just be prolonging the cravings and "agony" of deprivation. As it turned out it didn't take long to kick my dependence on grains/legumes/etc, and I started feeling better rather quickly and have already dropped one pill. Just recently I decided to eat half a donut and the ill affects were immediate: stomach churning and a quick dash to the head. Pretty much cured my desire to 'cheat'. As for differing meal plans w/in a family others have already said it: everyone eats the main meat dish and you replace rice/corn/beans/breads/whatever for a helping of veggies. Easy to accomplish. We do it every night in my house. And if it's a pizza only night once a month then have a slice or two...stomach ain't gonna kill you if surrounded by primal eating the rest of the month. I haven't had a slice in 3 or 4 months, but I don't begrudge anybody who does.


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                  I lean more towards the Slow Carb diet (which is essentially Paleo with beans) but try to manage my diet so as to stay on the fat burning curve. It really isn't that hard.

                  I will usually allow myself a cheat meal per week, sometimes a cheat day. I've lost about 10 lbs so far and expect that the steady fat loss will continue as I ramp up more exercise.

                  As others have said, I've also found that while I originally looked forward to that cheat day, now I'm usually satisfied with one meal (had some pizza tonight) and look forward to that next Paleo meal to get the fat burning going again.

                  Part of the Slow Carb diet is a pig-out day, which is supposed to help reset your hormones to they don't get too used to burning ketones. Not sure how much I agree with that, but I found that usually two days after I had a pig out day I was back to my weight the morning before the pigout.
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                    Thanks for clarification

                    I really appreciate all the responses here. I am glad to hear that some others have my same questions--and that I had some misconceptions. I did think that Primal was low carb--but I see now that it is more the elimination of specific carbs and the level of other carb sources is simply weight maintenance.