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  • Slightly off topic of potatoes, but regarding weight loss, calories and weight maintenance: I have only been tracking calories since September 10th. I have a feeling I was eating somewhat higher calories prior to tracking. Reducing calories did not seem to impact my rate of weight loss much. Changing the ratio of macronutrients (Eat Moar Fat) seemed to accelerate the rate only slightly. What I am trying to say is that my body likes to lose about five pounds per month whether I eat 1400 calories a day or 1900 calories per day. My metabolism seems to take modest variations in stride.

    Since I went Primal in Jamuary I have had no significant weight loss plateaus or stalls. The longest I've gone without a half pound loss is two weeks. According to Taubes's Good Calories Bad Calories this is indeed the way the body should function. Variations in our daily diets shouldn't pack on pounds. In theory, when I reach my ideal weight, I should slow down the weight loss and then maintain it as long as my calories are within a relatively narrow range, say 1700 to 2000 calories a day. It seems that it took something drastic like this potato diet to boost my weight loss outside the five pound per week rate. I really don't think I would gain weight back whether I now ate 1500 a day or 1900 a day. My weight has never increased in the course of a week more than one pound since I started the Primal Blueprint. This may be unusual. I eat low carb and my weight is very stable from day to day. It will be unchanged for a few days then I drop a half pound here and there within a few days.
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    • Originally posted by gopintos View Post
      I love ya, ya know.... and that is why I also tried the moar fat, which I understand for some is a lifestyle especially for medical purposes, while for others ketosis is meant to be a short term hack also. And after I tried the moar fat, I gained the moar weight, which only a 48 hr fast... yet another hack... would take off. So I had spent the last several months, just. spinning. my. wheels. I tried to give it a fair shake, but weight loss stopped. And even since going primal in March, weight loss was just crawling. I know it is not meant solely for weight loss. It fixes and heals alot of other things, but now it is time for me to get the rest of the weight off. That is my biggest concern at the moment.

      So I was ready for some forward momentum and I didnt really care where from, except the absolute fast was just not appealing to me at all. However now after eating a mono-diet, I might be able to grasp my head around a longer more absolute fast. Or I might have to add co, butter, kraut, or heck maybe even a tator. But they are all tricks in my bag now.

      I don't know why everyone who isnt on the tator wagon is getting their panties in a wad. Tators are primal. Mark talks about carb refeeds for weight loss for the purpose of restoring leptin levels in the dieter. Anything starchy 250 - 300g worth. Talks about a day, or 2-3 days, or some experts say a week long refeed. That is all this is.

      Even the big dogs are talking about the benefits of starches. I just know that for me, moar fat was not doing it. I upped the fat, lowered the carbs, and tried to be mindful of the protein. It just was not working. I was starting to gain, I just had no desire to do any kind of exercise. I dont know if it was a lack of motivation or a lack of energy, but I dreaded exercise.

      So this little jumpstart got me losing again, it got me moving again. I havent taken all my measurements yet, but I had to check my arms the other day, cuz they felt smaller. And almost an inch was gone. And a week or two ago, I had checked the measurement below my belly button, and it was an inch gone. I will re-take them all in a day or two but I finally was able to go down a jean size, one that I have not seen in a very.long.time. I lay in bed, even just walla go before I got up, just rubbing my stomach, and being amazed and very pleased with myself. It is just a great feeling to see it finally going down again.

      As far as I am concerned, since I dont have a medical reason, ketosis or tators or fasting is not a permanent sustainable lifestyle, but they are all a permanent lifestyle hack that I can use when I need it.

      I just thought I would be at the end of my weight loss by now. I didnt get serious about losing weight until January, maybe 5-10lbs before January. I lost most of my weight pre-primal. So since March 15 (give or take) I have lost about 20lbs. That is 7 months. 7 months and only 20lbs. Just makes me want to cry every time I think about it. Especially like this morning when I am reading of how others who started about the same time I went primal, have lost over 100lb or they have reached their goal in an amount of time that I thought I would have reached mine. The first few months of primal, I was still losing 4-5 pounds. But the higher the fat went, the slower the weight loss. I track everything, I can see it now. Before, I just was really trying to be a good girl & stick with higher fat, throw even moar fat at it, even though I knew it just wasnt working. But I thought, well I just need to do it longer... keep at it. But it just wasnt working.

      I knew that back in my late 20's, I ate alot of tators but I was at the gym daily. I was squatting 300lbs and only started to bench at it was 100lbs. But squatting was my favorite so that was my focus. But I was afraid to eat tators again since I was not doing any exercise really to speak of. And then I re-read PHD which I had done many times before, but it didnt sink in. He is a higher fat paleo/primal kind of guy also, but he says for weight loss, you need to cut the fat and you need to add starches. I re-read that and within a day or two, read on a different thread that prompted this one, about the use of tators. This was a sign from Heaven. It was exactly what I needed to hear, and what I needed to do in order to get MY journey and my goals back on track. Otherwise, I would be sitting here still trying to figure out wth happened, wth do I need to do, why the hell doesnt the moar fat work for me like it does everybody else. I think I proved to myself that once I reach goal, that I can maintain just fine on the moar fat, and the primal lifestyle of higher fat fits, but I can not lose weight that way. Just my n=1. No one else has to agree. No one else has to do it. I just needed to find something that I could do, something I was willing to do - I am just not a willing happy camper when I fast and even though I know the one dude fasted for over a year on water, I really was just not excited about trying it - so I had to find something that I knew I could do, and do it.

      This happens to be one trick. I ate a day of steak and eggs, and it was great and it worked also. I was hungrier that day than I am with just tators, but it worked. But this experiment has shown me that I do not need to be afraid of the tator and the carbs, that I actually do better with more carbs. Some days in Mark's sweet spot, some days in his maintainance range except for me I can still lose in his maintainence range. Heck I can still lose when I get into the insidious weight GAIN region - and I can do it while IF until lunch time. I dont have to be low carbs and in ketosis to fast like his curve suggests. It really doesnt seem to matter where my carbs or calories are for weight loss. It is more about the fat it seems. And not the % of fat but the actual grams of fat. That is what I have to watch for if I want to lose weight. I guess I am just a freak of PB nature, I don't know.
      1) Nobody ever said everybody has to be in ketosis all the time. Fat adaptation is different than ketosis.
      2) If you really read the Moar fat thread you will see that I gained Moar weight too before I understood how to do it correctly.
      3) Being afraid of potatoes is silly. Eating exclusively potatoes is sillier.


      • Originally posted by pklopp View Post
        Not to single anyone out, you just happen to be the last post in this thread that demonstrates the point. This is one of my principal objections to all "hacks" relating to diet. These hacks are always short-term interventions intended to help one break through a plateau and then one reverts to previous eating patterns. That is to say, one reverts to the precise behaviour that resulted in the plateau, but with different expectations the second time around.

        This simply cannot work. If it does, that would imply that a short term dietary intervention would result in long term metabolic changes. More specifically, if one were to become able to maintain the new lower weight on the same caloric intake and macro nutrient composition that previously maintained a higher bodyweight, that necessarily requires either a) a higher energy expenditure, or b) less efficient assimilation of nutrients. Irrespective of which is the case, it also requires that there is no compensatory change in appetite to induce you to eat more. And all of this would be brought about by eating only [fill in your favourite short term dietary intervention details here] for a few days.

        I really wish metabolism worked this way ... it would make things much easier.

        Succinct that.


        • Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
          1) Nobody ever said everybody has to be in ketosis all the time. Fat adaptation is different than ketosis.
          2) If you really read the Moar fat thread you will see that I gained Moar weight too before I understood how to do it correctly.
          3) Being afraid of potatoes is silly. Eating exclusively potatoes is sillier.
          I don't know how I could have done it any differently

          As far as #3, the first part, yes I see that now. But the first thing everyone tells you is stay away from white starch. Cut your carbs. So the poor potato is one of the first things to go. And when you are trying to keep carbs low, in the sweet spot or keto, it is a scary thing to think about eating a tator. Will it just throw everything off you have been trying to accomplish? So you just avoid it.

          As for the second part of #3, I dont see only tators any differently than only water fast for a few days, or only kraut for a few days, or only coffee & teas & water for a few days, or only coconut oil with coffee & tea & water for a few days, or only bone broth for a few days. Or maybe somebody is short on cash for a few days until payday, so they have to eat what they have for a few days which might be all one food. But that's just me. I just don't do absolute fasts very well. I like any one of those hacks for a fast. And while the tator might not be the same benefits of a fast, it has a different purpose, but it is the same idea to me. Some day maybe I can do an absolute fast for weight loss, but it helps me to have a little something.
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          65lbs gone and counting!!

          Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


          • Today, eating no carbs, minimal fat and the remainder lean protein, i have eaten twice the calories that I ate during my potato fast. Still much lower calories than normal, but nearly double some of my tater totals. Tonight I am hungry. I wasn't hungry on a half dozen potatoes a day. It's weird and I don't understand it, but the potato only regimen did keep me satisfied on very few calories.


            • Responding to the request for butter flavored salt: Three that I know of: Reese's Butter Flavored Popcorn Salt (hard to find), Molly McButter (currently using up what I had on the shelf) and some butter flavored popcorn seasoning I get from that I ran out of recently.

              I'm not a connoisseur of fake butter powder, mind you I normally eat the real thing.


              • Quick follow-on update - I said I'd be happy if I broke the 84 kg barrier and this morning, after going back to primal eating - 83.7 kg,

                So that's another drop of 1.3 lbs, for a total of 2.9 lbs lost over 4 days, 3 of them tater-fasting.

                Again for me the secret ingredient was fasted-state slow-paced exercise (walking), this time on an elliptical for 50 mins.

                I lost that 1.3 lbs despite eating:

                Yogurt and blueberries
                3 egg omelette
                Chicken stir fry with peppers, broccoli, mushrooms and onion
                1/4 lb almonds
                Small pack macadamia nuts

                Compared to ruminating on boiled spuds that felt like indulgent feasting - but still the weight came off.

                This morning I'm going to do another 30 mins on the elliptical before any breakfast, as fasted exercise seems super-effective for me at present

                Regarding measurements, the 1/2 inch on my waist that went away, then seemed to come back has gone away again, which is cool. Hard to get a consistent skinfold measurement but it certainly doesn't seem higher. I'm satisfied that the lost weight is fat.

                So yeah, seems consistent with other's experience, even when stopping the taters a bit more weight comes off.



                • 5 days and 4 lb! not sick of them yet.


                  • Start of day 3 and down 2.5 lbs. not too bad. No fatigue, actually had a hard time sleeping last night but feel good.


                    • Post potato diet Day One: down another half pound to 146 for a total loss since starting last Wednesday of 4.75 pounds, which is approximately my typical monthly loss.


                      • Originally posted by Juanita503
                        Here's a description of how we digest starch, sugar, and fat. Eating only potatoes will supply you with glucose, the most easily digested of the sugars.
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                        • Down another pound today! The potatoes diet has broke through a weight set point that I 've been trying to do for over a year on high fat or high protein, low-no carb lifestyle. I'm thrilled!


                          • Day 3, down 1lb, but was up .5lbs yesterday so only a .5lb loss so far. I felt really light and not bloated yesterday and slept really well last night. Curious to see if there is a bigger drop in weight after day 3...


                            • Another 1.25 lbs for me as well. I'm just astonished. My jeans thank you.


                              • Originally posted by Beachspirit View Post
                                The link you referred to is only showing up as a box with x. Can you send the link again? Thanks!
                                Quit biting on the spam! This is the potato diet!

                                All those weird posts with red x's are spam that the website's spam filter is blocking the attachments. The spammers love to get on threads that get really long like this one, we'll have to abandon it soon and start a new one if it keeps up.