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    I've suffered with severe allergies my whole life and my son was born with the same. We are allergic to environmental, food and chemical things which can be very debilitating ….. fatigue, fuzzy thinking, dizziness, asthma, muscle and joint pain, sinus infections and ear infections.

    We started on the PC3, BioGuard and AV about a year and half ago and our health has just gotten better and better. No more dizziness, fuzzy thinking or chronic infections. Hunter's asthma is now under control with the help of these products.

    I don't know what we would do without the Maxam products and the staff that helps us out!
    God Bless and Thank You!
    Jeanne H
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    Just take care of your proper care and abstain from dust and all kind diseases make proper dressing and cover up your body.regularly make tests of your allergy and uses the lotions and creams to cure allergy.