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My 70 year old mom with CLL needs to GAIN weight...

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  • My 70 year old mom with CLL needs to GAIN weight...

    I have sent mark the email below but thought others might have an opinion and some insight...



    I am writing for my mom who will turn 70 soon and she needs to GAIN some weight. She comes from a long line of women who on average live into their late 90ís and occasionally past 100. She was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) a couple of years ago and although they are saying itís in the early stages, she feels there has been a huge loss of energy and more upper respiratory and sinus infections than usual. But she is most concerned that she is losing too much weight...which is not a good thing as she has always been a smaller framed lady. Iíll add that although her children have always hounded her about how little protein she eats, she has for most of her life eaten a very vegetable rich diet.

    Do you think a paleo strict diet would help her gain some much needed muscle and fat? Would it require any modification given her age and goals? Lastly, I UNDERSTAND YOUíRE NOT A DOCTOR but could you theorize on how a paleo diet might affect the CLL?