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  • lack of energy

    Have tried to stay on daily carb plan of 100-200 grams...but i seem to get a lot of swimming[on a masters team]so the workouts can get very intense....what am i doing wrong.....thanks for your help.

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    Lower your carbs on non workout days. Eat more carbs around your workout. I had the same problem with boxing. You need to eat lots of fat and lower carbs when not training intensely so your body becomes a fat burner. It sounds to me as though your body is still after sugar for energy. I know its not primal but before and during intense training, I drink dextrose (glucose) in water. It's the only way I know it will get used straight away and not get stored as fat. I am virtually ZC the rest of the time though so may not be for you if you like your carbs. It's just trial and error to see how much you need. Hope that helps