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    Eating lower carb will probably help curb your appetite. Not necessarily ketosis, just lower than the average American. You mentioned snacks. Until you reach the mindset that snacks are unnecessary:

    Small cans of fish. If you worry about the BPA in can linings, there are companies that sell their products BPA free. Sardines are little nutrition bombs. Salmon also comes in one-portion cans, or you can cook up a bunch of salmon (wild), then zip-loc and refrigerate/freeze snack sized portions.

    Leftovers are also good snacks, assuming the original meal was healthy.

    Veggies cold or hot. Make your own aioli so you don't eat the crap oils in store bought mayo, and you have a dipping sauce.

    Fruit. Not supergreat for lowering carb intake, but some are super nutritious and delish. Berries are usually lower carb than most other fruits. If you're worried you'll binge on berries, buy frozen and just defrost a portion at a time. Mangoes and bananas are a bit high carb, but if you're out and about, they are certainly a better choice than a phony health bar or cookies/candy.

    Hard boiled eggs. It's as easy to hb a bunch of eggs as to do two. They're portable, yummy, and nutritious.

    So those are a few ways to look at what to snack on.

    I don't know if you've "primalized" your kitchen yet, but it very much helps to throw away any nonprimal foods so temptation is out of sight.
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      Where was the starter guide please? Just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing? I've also bought the 21 day starter book by Mark so hopefully that will get us started.

      Next question on Almond milk and Coconut milk, are the tinned and cartoned versions ok as that's the only places i've ever seen that you can buy it? Worried as the tin i have here says in the ingredients: coconut milk extract 27.27% then the rest is just other randomness like water, stabilizer, emulsifier, sulphur dioxide etc?


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        Thanks everyone for all this info, i made some primal granola last night but unsure when and how much i'm supposed to eat lol, usually obviously i'd eat granola with yoghurt for breakast but i had a small bit this morning with coconut milk and a few slices of bacon to get my protein. I NEED to loose weight on this so don't want too many treats, but definitely need snack ideas so the sardines etc are good ideas. Just need to cook some eggs etc to have here when I need/want them.

        I have been trying to keep to berries for fruit as well, blueberries and grapes. Hope they are ok.


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          Originally posted by upupandaway View Post
          As previously mentioned - all you 'need' is good quality meats, veggies and fats. If you don't have easy access to a good butcher, Waitrose has a range called 'forgotten cuts' which includes pig's cheek, ox tail, beef shin etc. If you want to invest in something for your kitchen, try a slow cooker, great for stewing all of the above.

          Tinned coconut milk - check the label for the percentage of actual coconut and the preservatives, some contain corn flour as a thickener, and some are as low as 27% coconut.

          Virgin coconut oil is 7 - 9 per 400-450g tub, unless you're in Holland and Barrett, where it's twice that (as I found out after the first time I bought it). The overprocess stuff without the health benefits is about 2 - 3 per tub.

          I don't worry about nut flours - a small amount of high cocoa Green and Blacks or a glass of red wine feels more fun and has helped wean me off bread, cakes etc. Flour based products can still spike insulin levels, even if they're gluten free.

          Hope this is useful!
          I have lots of really good shops near me where i live (stoke newington in London) where we have lots of turkish shops that sell organic and fairtrade products lke you would find in whole foods. There's also a wholefoods near us but i bought some coconut oil there for like 4 then saw another smaller jar there for 4 again which was RAW coconut oil from Bionta? Hopefully they are ok? Thanks for the tip about waitrose cuts that sounds great.


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            Originally posted by Screamer View Post
            Where was the starter guide please? Just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing? I've also bought the 21 day starter book by Mark so hopefully that will get us started.
            The 21 Day Starter book will probably answer most of your questions, but until then: here's a link with all the basics. Primal Blueprint 101 | Mark's Daily Apple Good luck!
            With Mark's help, I've conquered depression, acne, rosacea, scale obsession, migraines, and lethargy. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


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              Thanks Lady Grok


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                But of course! Seriously, if you're just starting out, the best thing to know: eat whole foods in the most unprocessed forms you can find. Get some exercise in. And plan your menus around the stuff that's primal, but that you know you like. There are tons of recipes online, but as long as you're realistic about it, things don't have to be too disruptive to your life. You have plenty of time to try all the crazy new stuff down the road.
                With Mark's help, I've conquered depression, acne, rosacea, scale obsession, migraines, and lethargy. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


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                  Yeah that's true, I think I just like to plan ahead and there is some worry about the amount of fat i'm putting into my body with this, even if it is good fat. I just want to make sure i'm doing enough exercise per this plan and eating the right foods with the right proportions. I think the 21 day plan will help that too


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                    Oh wow - I live just a couple of miles away, near Finsbury Park! I love the local Turkish shops too - great variety of veg, olives, oils etc.

                    I've bought Bionta - it's definitely fine, the cheapest price I've found is 14.80 for an 800g tub of Nutiva, from a health food shop in Crouch End (yeah, I was surprised too!).


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                      Haha awesome! We should meet up to talk 'paleo' or go do some paleo fitness in the park! Until i sprained my ankle recently i was football training in Finsbury park every week!

                      Where do you buy your meat?


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                        I buy my meat in butchers in Crouch End (Morley's or Freemans) or Green Lanes (Baldwins) - I live near both. I also sometimes buy meat from M&S or Waitrose. I've also bought some buffalo from these people Alham Wood Organics Home Page who sell at my nearest farmer's market (and probably the one in Stoke N too). I'm not hugely organised about meal planning, shopping or cooking yet, I hope to improve at this.

                        We should meet up sometime! I think there was some discussion in the UK/ROI group about meeting in London at some point.


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                          Great well keep me posted if you hear anything about that. The farmers market in stokie is really good but super expensive. Same as whole foods. but i've found out that my local butchers on Stoke Newington High Street actually only sells grass fed beef and lamb and do sell free range chickens too - they are really reasonable so that's a WIN.

                          Lets PM about a meet up and compare local notes.