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    HI ByeBye .. I have not been weighing (yet) but I know I have dropped a few lbs since starting back about 2 weeks ago - I can tell by the way the clothes fit - you have gotten some great advice from everyone on all the finer points .. hang in there ! .. I know how hard it can be when you are feeling impatient to just get on with it !!!
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      I am on my 11th day today and have lost 6 pounds already I went cold turkey (har har) on grains, processed food and HFCS. Alot was probably water weight but my clothes are looser and I have had alot more energy (except today-carb flu) I am about where Eva is, 5' 6" 124 (from 130) 28 yrs old. I have energy now like I had when I was in Highschool. I am looking to build some tone and muscle (and lose a little more padding too)
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        Going on 9months. I don't use a scale to measure myself, but my waist has shrunk 2" since I started. Not much, but I guess you have to count the babysteps as something too.