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  • Someone answer this quick question

    Just curious---

    Let's say someone did paleo/primal 100% ---no dairy, grains or legumes but could only eat normal eggs , meats and typical foods found at grocery stores and restaurants would he still be better off and healthier

    No grass fed meats, pasteurized eggs or wild caught fish...just every day stuff

    Example--- grilled angus steak and double veggies at a restaurant or garden omelette with bacon in morning --things like this

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    Yep. Still better than eating conventional, SAD foods.


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      your still better off than the SAD with hearthealthywholegrains, thats for sure.


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        Yep, I lost my first 20+lbs eating primal type food, but it was wal-mart crap. I've since switched to farmer's market's for all my shopping, and I can taste the difference, but the point is, I did very well initially on wal-mart food.


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          1.) Less processed than grains, frozen meals, candy, boxed meals, etc.
          2.) You will naturally be eating far less carbs and more fat and be more satiated on less calories, automatically leading to weight loss

          In fact, you probably won't see any additional weight loss from making the transition to local, organic, pastured, etc; but your body and your taste buds will likely thank you for it if you do.
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            Yep, GF meat and so on is the gold standard, but you don't absolutely need it to improve your health and lose weight. Many people can't afford it or don't have access to it, but they do just fine on the standard versions found in super centers and so on.
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              I can't afford organic, grass fed, pasteured ANYTHING, so I buy what fits into my budget. It's still a helluva lot better for me, and better tasting, than eating Lean Cuisine and SmartOnes.
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                Agree with what everyone has already said. Grocery bought whole foods are better than processed and you will still lose weight and be healthier. I would also like to point out that buying bulk meat from a butcher is far cheaper than individual cuts and packages purchased at the grocery story. The biggest downsides are having the up front cash to make the purchase (approx. $400 to $1000 depending on lbs.) and having a deep freeze or storage space to keep the meat. Your price per pound is significantly lower if you can swing it. I just purchased a 1/4 mixed cow and a 1/2 hog for a total price of under $800. Comes to roughly $3.70 per pound. You can't get any good steak or pork cut for that cheap at any grocery on a regular basis. If two or more people went in on a quarter cow each persons price would be around $100-$200 which is a little easier. Anyway I know not everyone can do it but figured I'd throw it out there as food for thought.
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                  I agree also. Just one thing re: Walmart. They took a stand to embrace pink slime, so if you buy ground beef, see if maybe you can find a grocer who has stated in a public place that they don't use it.
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                    Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
                    I agree also. Just one thing re: Walmart. They took a stand to embrace pink slime, so if you buy ground beef, see if maybe you can find a grocer who has stated in a public place that they don't use it.
                    I agree. Shop at any chain but WM. They treat their meats (not just the ground beef) with funny stuff.


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                      I would agree that it's still going to make you healthier. It's not a black and white thing. You can do a lot of good without going whole hog (pun intended) into organic and grass fed.

                      BUT... I will say that, if you are going to be buying grocery store beef (which is what I do, so no judgment from me), I would try to either buy leaner cuts or trim off some of the fat. Eating fat is fine, but animals will store the crappy stuff in their fat, so it's not going to be as good for you as the fat of a grass fed cow that wandered the fields until 3 minutes before it went to Bovine Heaven.


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                        +1. Get your fats from sources other than conventional meat. Olive oil, nuts, avocado, coconut oil/milk, butter/ghee. Also, Costco has pretty good quality meat if you can afford to buy in bulk, it's cheaper in the long run too.