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    I have been reading and researching for a while and this lifestyle makes sense to me. But I don't think I quite understand all of the nutrition aspects. I buy into it, but I don't understand how to do it exactly. For instance, one question I have is how to get more fat into my diet. I can eat meat, but that also adds protein. If I eat enough meat to get the fat, won't I end up eating too much protein? I am thinking I need to buy the book(s). So far I have been reading only the freebies and what info is on the site/forum. I noticed a few newbie threads, which I have been reading, but so far I haven't found the specific info I am looking for. I will keep looking, but if anyone has any info they care to share on how to get adequate fat (what is adequate?) into their diet, I would appreciate it. I have no trouble getting proper protein and vegetables, while also limiting carbs, but the fat content I feel I am grossly lacking. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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    If you eat too much protein, the excess won't get absorbed. Your body can only process so much protein daily, which is why a normal person is recommended to get 0.8g protein a day per kilogram of body weight, and slightly more for athletes. If you are consuming way too much, in which you could put an overload on your kidneys and liver, which could put you at higher risk for developing kidney stones. I wouldn't worry about it though, remember, the Inuit ate almost all fat/protein.

    Adequate fat...that's easy. Butter, coconut oil, nuts in moderation, avocados, rich cuts of meats, egg yolks, you name it. As for the right amount of fat, that depends on your body, so don't over think it, just get started, then you can tweak your diet as you find out what your body needs based on how you feel and what your goals are.
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