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Some feedback please O Paleo guru's

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  • Some feedback please O Paleo guru's

    HI gang,

    I started 5 days ago on a not-super-stringent primal 'cleanse'. My bloating is already going down, my energy levels are slightly better, and my skin looks great. I love meat and cream as well- so its big WIN!

    I guess I just wanted some feedback as I'm still getting my head around my monos/polys/glucose/ know what I mean.

    Typical breakfast: 1 x coffee with teaspoon honey and splosh of full-cream milk
    2 rashes of bacon, eggs scrambled with ricotta
    yoghurt with coconut and almonds.

    today was 2 x homemade hamburger patties with coleslaw (with egg mayo), and beetroot.

    Dinner might be tuna/olive oil/tomato/avocado/squeeze lemon.

    Snack: Today is ham. Just ham

    So, that all sounds pretty good, but I also made a dark chocolate slice with almond meal the other day. It's a full cake, and had 60grams of added sugar (about 1/3 of a cup) which I've had about 1/4 of (my husband demolished it). Last night I had about 10 potato chips- the yummy, salt encrusted, poly-everything sort of chips....

    Also, I just made a coffee with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in it. Will this sort of 'cheating' be a huge thing?

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    I think it all depends on your metabolism. If you are trying to lose weight with Primal, then having frequent off plan items will more than likely hinder weight loss efforts. I have also found that the longer I go Primal, when I do have an off plan item, I usually end up not feeling very well after eating it. That in itself has been enough to deter me from eating off plan as of late, but it's different for everyone.