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  • Help me figure this out...

    Below is a link to a previous thread that might give more background versus re-typing it.

    In nutshell... Eat terrible for 3 weeks, lose weight and feel mentally better, more energy.

    Back to eating Primal and exercise... Back to feeling exhausted, head feels heavy, cold hands and feet (avg 97.2 degrees body temp, restless sleep, stomach bloated, irregular BM's etc... Gained 4 lbs

    I have always thought I had some form of adrenal fatigue due to many symptoms and past saliva test. I never looked so much at thyroid although at recent many of the symptoms are the same.

    Maybe it is not the diet that is to blame. Maybe it is hormonal.

    The question... Why did some symptoms improve while eating processed junk?

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    do you eat low carb primal? maybe low carb isn't for you?


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      High carbs : Less likely to have hormonal hypoglycemia or should I say "insipid diabetes".

      Unfortunately I tried to be high carbs for 2 days in order to do a "refeed" to boost my leptin levels, and...
      I didn't felt any better.
      I'm hypothyroid. And have an overall pituitary deficiency.

      I feel like this all the time, on any given diet.
      Young self-caring Paleo-eater from France.
      (So please forgive the strange way I tend to express myself in your beautiful language )


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        Yes. Low carb meaning typically 75 grams or less a day except for a cheat meal here and there.

        I guess what I am trying to figure out is... By eating junk (high fat, high sugar high carb, low protein) for 3 weeks I experienced some weight loss, less fatigue, and higher base body temperature.

        In about 2 days of going back to Primal I experience as normal low body temp, general fatigue.

        This has happened in the past two when I have fallen off the wagon so to speak.

        What would cause the change? Is it hormonal maybe? By eating bad it certainly isn't sustainable, but evidently by body starts getting something that is normally lacking.


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          Diet OR hormonal is an oxymoron. Diet effects hormones.

          Here is the thing. There is nothing inherently healthier about eating crap food no matter how good they make you the end they will contribute to whatever underlying issues you have leaving you more diseased and ill. You can try to eat more primal carbs and even include rice if you like OR you could go the opposite direction and shoot for a keto diet.

          I would go the keto route first and give it a few weeks for adaptation. Yours may be neurological/autoimmune issue OR it may be that you just need more carbs. You won't know until you try. Option 3 is to get a full thyroid panel....find out if your is truly hormonal or autoimmune in regard to thyroid.

          Full thyroid is about 135$ at places I've used.


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            Why are you starting a new thread? Did you try increasing your carbs as was already suggested in the last thread?


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              Originally posted by chloe59 View Post
              Why are you starting a new thread? Did you try increasing your carbs as was already suggested in the last thread?
              Good point...


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                When you were eating bad, were you eating/drinking more caffeine? That alone could cause your body temp to rev up - plus moving in ways you are not used to - plus the mental stress and relief of moving - plus sugar highs being sustained - plus not keeping your normal routine...

                So, rejoice, you found the honey tree for three weeks. There was a celebration bodily and mentally.

                Now you face a choice to set up camp by that honey tree, eventually not rejoice, and eventually get diabetic - or choose to live in moderation again.


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                  In the past, when people had celiac they lost weight. That was one of the signs. Perhaps you lost weight because of either actual celiac or a similar mechanism, where whatever intolerance you have is preventing nutrients from being absorbed.

                  I used to always feel sluggish and crappy except the day before I got a cold. Then I felt fabulous. I believed at the time that the rush of immune system activity was what made me feel better temporarily. Perhaps there are ingredients in the junk food that you have an immune reaction to.

                  Did this junk food you ate have any caffeine in it? Energy drinks or whatever? You might have felt more energetic from caffeine. You might have caffeine withdrawl when you do Primal if you aren't consuming as much caffeine.

                  When you eat primal are you stuffing yourself with bacon and other fats? That could explain why you don't lose weight on primal but you do when you eat junk food that is low in protein.
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