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Is desert still on the menu?

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  • Is desert still on the menu?

    Does anyone know any good desert ideas that are healthy but still satisfying (I know, the age old question)

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    Fast Paleo - Paleo Recipe Sharing Site has a great dessert section.


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      Originally posted by shelbyeagle143 View Post
      Does anyone know any good desert ideas that are healthy but still satisfying (I know, the age old question)
      Sand makes a great desert..

      ( sorry, couldn't resist being a smart arse )
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        I've been experimenting lately with icecream. Just blend frozen banana and berries with real cream, it turns out like softserve.
        You can vary the flavours by adding vanilla, cocoa, other frozen fruit (I tried orange) etc. I'm sure it would work with coconut cream also.

        I also tried a jelly with berries and coconut cream, gelatine and a little honey.

        I made a cheese cake: base - chocolate almonds, filling - blended cream cheese, banana, berries and gelatine, topping - whipped cream and fruit.

        Chocolate-dipped strawberries. Baked stuffed apples. Bananas baked with butter, nuts, orange juice and chocolate.
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          Our family has frozen berries with coconut cream. And when we are feeling really wild, we'll have 25g of chocolate chopped on top.


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            Melted dark chocolate with mascarpone.


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              Cheap 'uns from my blog. You may have to substitute dairy for coconut/almond alternatives, though!
              Paleo-Cereal Egg-Pudding:

              Banana-Coconut "Biscuits":

              Fruit Compote with Greek Yoghurt:

              Spicy Strawberry Yoghurt:

              Paleo Cereal with Banana Milkshake:

              Figs and Cream:

              Orange and Nut Yoghurt:
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                frozen cherries dipped in melted dark chocolate.
                make whipped cream with heavy whipping cream and some stevia, then dip frozen strawberries in and enjoy.


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                  Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce = WIN

                  Not primal but VERY good