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Primal party food for 12 year olds

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  • Primal party food for 12 year olds

    My dd is turning 12. Her party food requests include:

    My homemade icecream (banana, orange, cocoa, vanilla and cream). Serve with fruit.
    My homemade grapefruit punch (grapefruit juice, cold tea, ginger ale)
    Bacon-wrapped date rollups
    Sausage rolls
    Layer cake with butter icing.
    Chocolate coins (we have a gold rush theme)

    I can go with all of these, and I think it will be amazing party food. Just wondered if anyone else has any delicious primal ideas to appeal to youngsters. I don't need a whole meal, just afternoon tea for approx 10-12 girls.

    Later we will probably host a family meal, so thoughts on that would also be welcomed.
    Annie Ups the Ante

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    I'm trying to get my kids to eat more primal variety and it has been a difficuly road. However, they love their banana pancakes!
    They cook up more like crepes so for a party you could roll them up and serve as it or maybe put something creative inside like berries or a primal spread or.....this is where my brain turns to mush.

    The recipe is: 2 large bananas or equivalent and 4 eggs. Mix or blend well. Ladle out onto buttered gridle or pan. I find I have to use lots of butter in the pan so they are almost "floating". Cook on one side til little bubbles appear and the edges look firm. Then flip and cook til done. My babes love them with maple syrup.



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      Chunks of cheese and pinapple on sticks - stuck in a orange wrapped in foil (like a hedgehog)
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        My 6 yo girl loves shrimp and baby tomatoes skewers (and any kind of skewers for that matter). She also is crazy about baked brie (I bake it with sundried tomatoes, basil and sunflower seeds) served with crudites.
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          Funny - had the fruit on a skewr idea also. Berries, banana, grapes, etc. Chocolate dipping sauce is a real treat too (choclate and cream melted and mixed together). Also, little meat balls with tooth picks. These can be done in a crock pot with tomato sauce of choice and left out for dinner guests as well.


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            My youngest loves fruit coated in dark chocolate - her favourites are strawberries and banana chunks. Otherwise she loves homemade smoked salmon pate on tiny crackers (which I make with 1 cup of almond meal, one egg, and half a cup of grated parmesan, rolled out between sheets of clingfilm, cut with cookie cutters and baked at 350F for 5 - 10 mins). I make the pate with smoked salmon, ground black pepper, lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper and home-made cream cheese blitzed together in a food processor.


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              this is a hit no matter where I bring it...

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                There are some cute ideas on this thread.

                Definitely look into semi-primal sweets recipes. Especially for ice cream, you can use pastured cream and egg yolks and maybe sweeten at least in part with honey or maple syrup. Of course if you have a special recipe you always use or you just want to stick with the traditional, birthday cake is not going to hurt anybody, but you can also try a coconut flour recipe, or use white rice flour.

                Bacon wrapped dates sound great. They might really enjoy some sophisticated things like shrimp, an assortment of raw cheeses. Fruit kebabs are fun, especially if you provide little bowls of melted dark chocolate and maybe melted cheese for dipping.

                For dinner:
                This sounds funny, but brussel sprouts turn heavenly to even cabbage haters if you melt pastured butter on the stovetop, then pour a few drops over each sprout and roast them at 400 nil tender and lightly browned.
                You can make pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin puree or canned pumpkin, just mixed with maple syrup and/or honey to taste, cinnamon and nutmeg, stiff egg whites, and a little rice flour until you get the right consistency. It's a good way to make something that tastes and seems "normal" to non-primal kids, but really is more pumpkin than anything.
                Starches will appeal to kids a lot if you roast them with melted butter or olive oil. They really don't need anything else - you can make an assortment of sweet potato, butternut or acorn squash, or red kuri squash which is delicious and sweet, carrots etc.
                slice up evenly and roast at 400 until tender. You can make fries in the oven, too, just cut potatoes or sweet potatoes into fry-like strips, coat with olive oil and season with sea salt and whatever else you want, at 400 until done.
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                  Originally posted by Leida View Post
                  My 6 yo girl loves shrimp and baby tomatoes skewers (and any kind of skewers for that matter). She also is crazy about baked brie (I bake it with sundried tomatoes, basil and sunflower seeds) served with crudites.
                  That is one sophisticated palate for a six year old! What a great mom you are to not limit her to kiddy food.
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                    Ooh, I am getting hungry now. Thanks for the great ideas, there are some I had not thought of and I will give them a go soon.
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                      Annie, give the chocolate house a go - as a birthday cake
                      really easy !!!!!! PM me if you would like the instructions
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                        Yes please!! Never thought of that.
                        Annie Ups the Ante


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                          In a pinch... deli trays from the supermarket... veggie tray, fruit tray, meat & cheese tray.

                          In the gold rush days they probably ate lots of beef jerky and salt pork.
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                            Chicken wings would be good. You can make them ahead and keep them warm in a slow cooker.


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                              beetroot and parsnip 'crisps' - did these for the four year old and they went down a storm.
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