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Should i eat breakfast?

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  • Should i eat breakfast?

    Hi, ive been primal for a few weeks now but ive never been a fan of eating in the morning. This could be because i get up early (6 am) for my job and i never feel like eating, in fact the thought of eating makes me feel abit sick at this time but i worry im missing out on a good amount of my daily intake, though i dont feel deprived.
    Has anyone else experinced similar problems? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I've always skipped breakfast too except on weekends or days off sometimes I'd do the SAD breakfast. Anyway not long ago I decided I was just too hungry waiting around for lunchtime so I've incorporated it back into my day. Usually consists of eggs and bacon, sausage or burger. Fills me up and keeps me going until lunch. I don't do it everyday, but when I'm working day shift I generally do. We have a kitchenette at work for cooking so that helps a lot.

    As to whether you should or shouldn't I'd say totally up to you and how you feel. If you're not hungry and it gives you upset tummy then maybe best to just keep on skipping. You won't be malnourished or anything.
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      Eat when you're hungry. Don't when you're not.

      If you eat *till full* when you're hungry, there's no reason why can't/won't get your "daily intake"...whatever that means to you.

      I eat my first meal of the day after 10am.
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        Depends. How screwed up is your metabolism? If it isn't bad, then you can probably go with the eat when properly hungry strategy. If it is bad (significant obesity and other issues) then you really need to start getting well before you start messing around with fasting
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          Thanks for advice, i usally get hungry about 10 a.m which is when i will have some scrambled egg or somthing on my morning break, i dont think my metabolism is bad never feel tired or grogy when i dont have breakfast so think i'm ok.