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Incorporating fruit during keto-adaptation..

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  • Incorporating fruit during keto-adaptation..

    Hey, everyone.. I'm just over 2 weeks in to my Primal transition and was curious about berries after exercise.

    I've been doing hikes every few days that are about 90 minutes with my heart rate between 55% and 75% for most of the duration..

    I've been burning around 650 calories each time and even after a good protein shake, I've still been experiencing low energy for the rest of the day.. would it be advisable to add in a cup or so of some blueberries or raspberries also for better recovery?? I don't want to slow down my adaptation to full fat-burning, so any info would be much appreciated!

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    if you're going for ketosis, you shouldn't eat fruit. i should also mention that i think there's no benefit to being in ketosis, unless you've proven to yourself that it's just the only way you can eat less.

    that being said, eat some damn fruit! the kind with sugar. to use as fuel. relax man, you'll still derive the bulk of your calories from fat, even if you have some blueberries. also, a protein shake is not gonna make you feel all energized.


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      Doesn't it take months to get into ketosis? I'm no expert but I'm sure it takes longer than two weeks. Your body is crying out for fuel - there's no wonder you are tired. I know that ketosis is not for me because denying myself fruit, and the nutrients and goodness that comes with them, is just not something I would ever want to do.


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        Awesome, thanks for the input guys.. I didn't want to go breaking any fat-adaptation rules or anything!