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As far as sugars go would "sugar in the raw" packets be acceptable?



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  • As far as sugars go would "sugar in the raw" packets be acceptable?

    Its just turbinado sugar in packets. Ive read that mark uses regular sugar in his coffee so would this be a good option for sweetening the occasional cup of coffee? I don't really have any aversion to sugar as i beleive it to be fine in small amounts even on a daily basis but i've just recently heard of sugar in the raw.

    Ive tried other natural powdered sweeteners like coconut sugar but all coconut products seem to give me terrible bloating so i only use them on occasion. and i use stevia but the packets i get i need to use 4 or 5 to notice any sweetness(sweet leaf brand).

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    I'm not up on my sugar terms but I use a packet or 2 of plain old white sugar most days. Don't fear it. Looking at sugar in the raw though it looks just as harmless(or harmful as some might try to convince you) as regular sugar.


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      Sugar is sugar. It's a little bit less processed but it's still sugar. A little bit won't kill you. Just make sure you keep it at a little bit. Those sneaky, sneaky, wascally carbs.
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