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I lose weight on more carbs?



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  • I lose weight on more carbs?


    I have been eating somewhat primal and I am female, 26yrs, 165cm and weight 49.5kgs. I don't really eat any starches (potatoes/legumes/grains) as I find they weigh me down and was the reason I was previously carrying an extra 5kgs. While I try to stay in the proper carb zone of 50-150grams, I don't function so well! In the end, I'll eat more fruit and feel better. And the more fruit I eat, I do still lose/maintain weight. Or I will every few days buy like 8 medjool dates and eat them (no sugar added or anything, the semi dried ones that we can only get here in Aus)! And have to 'give in' and eat some more apples. I am only LHT twice a week and I am a beginner at this. And walk/bike ride at moderate pace 2-3hrs a week.

    I am studying at the moment and find I can't think as well on lower carbs and i end up exhausted until 4pm on somedays that's when i give in eat more fruit, feel a bit better in the afternoon which is pointless as my day is almost done. I have still been including lean proteins at least 3-5 times a day, but nuts and seeds (after soaking) make me feel a bit sick and my system doesn't function so well on them, and sometimes even gain 500grams over night after eating nuts, which usually subsides after a few days of excluding them. I have only just started the exercise program but eating the low carbs I can't do any running - the HIIT. Do you all think its okay to be eating primal, clean foods but in the ratio that I need. I find I function better on fruits, medium amount of proteins and minimal fats (avocado mainly). Otherwise too much fats (sunflower seeds/flaxmeal etc) make me feel sick .I eat veggies too by the way.

    Mark has just written in this new post that doing what works for you within his guidelines works just as well. What do you think? Does anyone else do things this way as well? I definitely agree with the idea that primal foods should be consumed but it seems I need to consume them in different ratios. Mark then also says in the post about sabotaging fat loss that stressing about what I eat is just as detrimental?


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    Yep. Do what works.
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      What does somewhat primal mean?
      Sounds like you are not eating or being primal so you are caught between two worlds?
      Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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        If you find you concentrate better on a higher carb diet then go for it! After all, your study is important. As long as it's healthy carbs you should be good to go but thats just my opinion hope you succeed well


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          Originally posted by Sweetie86 View Post
          I find I function better on fruits, medium amount of proteins and minimal fats (avocado mainly).
          Do this. You could be happy and healthy, or you could do what you think makes you "more primal" in the minds of others.


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            Eat what works for you. If you're 80% primal then you're within the recommendations that Mark describes. Try to pick more primal friendly fruits, make sure you wash them... thicker skinned fruits, Mark says in the book, are better because they have less pesticides.
            Stay off dried fruits as they pack a huge sugar punch...
            As long as you're healthy and it's working, and you're still losing the weight you want, then it sounds pretty good to me. If you don't do it and you feel ill, you're more inclined to go back to your own way of eating.