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Me and my dark chocolate



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  • Me and my dark chocolate

    Well, I got a little chocolate thing going. I'm kind of hooked. I'm pretty caffeine sensitive, so it hops me up a lot.

    But, I also like that happy feeling, which I think it is the buzz from theobromine.

    I can be incredibly disciplined. Other than chocolate, I won't eat anything that has even a tiny bit of sugar.

    I considered buying some theobromine until I read that it ups your heart rate and dilates your blood vessels and that freaked me out a bit.

    I take magnesium pretty consistently, but could I need more or something else???

    Thanks - she says with eyes wide up and a pep in her step!


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    I'm a choco-holic, too. I have taken to eating raw cocoa nibs. Give them a try!


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      Yeah, I have those too. But, I keep going for the 88% Endangered Species bars. I just hate this feeling of being so wired! I can't work, can't sleep, it is nuts.

      I just found a link that says mag, calcium, zinc, C and B vitamins help. I have not been taking my Bs and without grains wonder if I get enough. I'm going to be more diligent about my supplements and see if that helps.

      Still open for input.


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        I seemed to have lost my flavor for Dark chocolate. I was making my own for awhile there with dark chocolate, coconut oil, and flakes and walnuts but just don't seem to want any anymore.
        Health is Wealth!


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          Thanks simpstr. You know what, I've simply decided to just let it go. I took the remainders of my most recent bar purchase and put it down the garbage disposal. Done. I just don't like the way I feel, and that's basically why we're all here.

          I will be sure to take my supplements, but I'm just over it at this moment.



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            Try the salted dark chocolate bark from the primal cookbook


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              My wife and I eat 25gms of dark chocolate every day as a treat after washing up the dinner things.
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                I used to have a square with some almond butter.
                Health is Wealth!


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                  Try some Crio Bru (there is a whole thread about it around here somewhere). That is a great way to get your chocolate yumminess without any sugar.


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                    Copied from another post o'mine, just make it with coconut milk and coconut cream, if you don't do dairy.

                    "The best hot-chocolate I've ever had.
                    I'm a HUUUUUUUGE chocolate fan and hot-chocolate was always insanely sweetened, home-made, with sugar, honey, whipped cream and maybe a commercial chocolate bar melted in. Clearly, even as an occassional thing, this isn't healthy.

                    So, I got some Cadbury's pure cocoa powder (100% cocoa, naught else!) and concocted this: 1-2 teaspoons pure cocoa powder, 250ml gold-top milk (Swap for coconut, organic, almond, raw, fresh...), 100ml double-cream (Again, naught added! You can still swap for butter or a non-dairy alternative, it's just for thickness.) and a pinch of paprika (cayenne or chili-powder work well too) and a pinch of cinnamon.
                    Heat the milk. Stir in the cocoa, cinnamon and chili. Re-heat and stir vigorously to mix thoroughly. Pour in the cream.

                    The best hot-chocolate EVER. It wasn't sweet, no. It was mildly bitter, much like coffee, but not as intense, with a creamy, chocolatey flavour that covered my tongue, all enhanced by the warmness of the paprika and cinnamon.

                    Simply amazing... "
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