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Setting my macros - Suggestions please!



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  • Setting my macros - Suggestions please!

    I am 5'5 and currently weigh 147 lbs.

    I have lean mass of 102 and am trying to get down to 130. Correct me if I am wrong but, My carbs should be between 50-100g, my protein should be at 100g and my fats should be the rest? Following the Primal exercise program, how many calories should I be eating in total? I was thinking 1700 calories per day in total. Does this sound reasonable?

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    It depends on the person, done people feel fine on lower carbs and done feel like crap and feel it impedes their weight loss. Set a limit for yourself, track macros and calories for a few weeks and tweak it depending on your progress or lack thereof. We can tell you what worked for us personally, but there's no telling if it'll work for you. Just try it out for yourself first.
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      I know that for myself 5'4.5" in order to lose weight I need to have my calories down at 1200-1400 (fat 45%, Carbs 20%, Protein 35%) By doing that and reducing my inflammation via chronic cardio I went from 114-106 in 6 months. I hope this is helpful.