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Eggs for home-made mayo



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  • Eggs for home-made mayo


    I thought about pasteurizing the eggs myself.
    In my country we have guidelines that suggest we should cook our eggs and avoid eating them raw.
    Anyway, will putting a few eggs in a bowl, and in the oven for about 70-80 C, (pasteurizing temperature in Celsius). Will it do the trick?

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    Google "pasteurizing eggs" and you should find instructions. Personally, if I am using good eggs from a farmer I trust, I don't bother. Washing the shell eliminates most of the risk anyhow.
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      where do you live? the risk of salmonella from eggs is actually very small.
      Incredible Edible Egg | Eggs | Egg Safety - Eggs & Food Safety

      Scientists estimate that, on average across the U.S., only 1 of every 20,000 eggs might contain the bacteria. So, the likelihood that an egg might contain Se is extremely small – 0.005% (five one-thousandths of one percent). At this rate, if you’re an average consumer, you might encounter a contaminated egg once every 84 years.
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