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Dairy and acne

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  • Dairy and acne

    Hi folks

    I've been following the PB for 2 weeks now and feeling great! My energy levels are constant, I'm not craving snacks in between meals and I've lost 6lb already. Very happy!

    However, I've also developed quite a few painful cystic acne spots on my neck and jawline. I initially put this down to a detoxing of sorts, cutting out all sugar and grains etc. But my dairy intake has also increased due to more heavy cream, butter and Greek yoghurt than I've previously been used to. I still drink latte coffees (2-3 per day) and was planning on cutting these out once I was accustomed to my new way of eating.

    Did anyone else notice a reaction like this when they first started or should I cut right back on the dairy too? I must admit I've been loving the guilt free butter and cheese but would gladly avoid dairy completely if it stopped the painful breakouts which take weeks to heal.

    Thanks in advance

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    Cut the dairy.
    Everything is bad for something - How do you feel today?