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New to weight lifting, need advice on protein

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  • New to weight lifting, need advice on protein

    I've been primal since august of last year, and have seen fantastic results, however.

    I recently have started to get into weight lifting, and something that i am worried about is my protein intake. I weigh around 220lbs(its been a long journey ) so i've always had problems with getting my protein intake to be around the .6-1g of protein per lb of lean muscle mass. I have a meal replacement that for every serving has 25g of protein, and i recently ordered a small thing of a protein-isolate. Am i going about this all wrong? I know some people are against whey completely, but it has really helped me, especially in the mornings when i have zero desire to cook but need the food. I've quit drinking milk but would mixing the isolate with either whole milk or HWC help at all?

    suggestions please!

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    i try to stay away from fat when making a post workout shake. You want that protein to be digested quickly. try mixing it with unsweetened almond milk or water with ice. I add in coffee or cinnamon to my shakes as well. If you are just using it as a meal replacement try coconut milk or raw whole milk. As a treat, a tbsp of almond butter tastes amazing
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      Are you looking for advice on how much protein to consume, ways to increase your protein intake, or ways to get protein post workout?

      Protein/whey/meal-replacement powders can be handy, but you'll be better off getting your protein from real food. Consider the powders like supplements, or like vitamins. Once a day is fine, but more than that and you're neglecting the benefits of real food. Most people will use powders for fast breakfasts or (my personal preference) post workout.

      If you've quit drinking milk, I see no reason to start it back up just for your powders. You can blend some avocado, berries, nuts/nut butters, veggies, etc into your smoothies if you need more taste or antioxidants. You can also just mix it with plain water in a shaker cup (they have a grating in the cup to break up the powder).

      You mentioned being 220 lbs and trying to get enough protein. I'm don't know your bodyfat %, but I would just put out there that you only do the calculation based on your lean body mass, which is muscle, skeleton, etc.

      The formula is: YourWeight - (YourWeight X (YourFatPercent/100)) * GramsOfProtein

      If you're 220 lbs with 10% BF (pretty lean, and built like a tank), your 1g/lb of lean mass would be 200 grams, which .6g/lb would only be 120g.
      220 - (220 X (10/100)) * 1 or 0.6 = 200 or 120

      However, if you're 220lbs with 40% bodyfat, your 1g/lb would be 132g and .6g/lb would be 79g.
      220 - (220 X (40/100)) * 1 or 0.6 = 132 or 79
      You can eat 150 grams of protein with only 3 6oz burgers per day. Or 1 burger, 1 steak, and 1 pork chop. This is excluding any eggs, dairy, beans, fruits, veggies, that you might consume.

      Post workout, I'll do either a protein shake (I do sometimes also use raw whole milk... but regular milk I try to avoid) or an actual protein-rich meal. I've had good results with both.

      As an example protein in my day, I might eat 3 whole eggs for breakfast, a snack of 1 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 lb of chicken at lunch, and 1/2 lb burger/steak/pork chop at dinner.

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