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  • Question re: SPAM

    I've been a member here for some time. While I read a lot, I don't post often. Just wondering about the # of SPAM messages I've seen lately, especially today. Other boards I frequent have someone monitoring and deleting this crap ASAP. Is this board monitored? It sure seems like a lot of junk is slipping through.
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    The spam seems to come in will be clear sailing for awhile, then a few things start popping up, then more, until the tidal wave hits, the forum becomes unusable for a couple of days, then eventually someone clears it up, and repeat.

    That's more or less the extent of the moderation.


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      A while back Mark invited applications for people to be moderators. Not sure what happened with that.

      Just report spams and a mod will get to them.
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        Interesting. When I first joined, in 2010, I rarely saw spam here. I've been away for a bit and was surprised to see so much on this thread today. Thanks for the responses.
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        Current Weight: 123
        Far healthier!


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          It was especially bad this weekend for some reason. I'm not sure why exactly, but I do agree that it comes in waves. It seem to be more on the weekends than on weekdays, at least from what I've seen.


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            I've also noticed it's worse on the weekends. I think the spammers know that (in many cases) the mods may not work weekends, so they take advantage.

            Or it could be that there's the same number of spammers during the week, but the mods (now at work) squash it more quickly.

            I wonder if whoever pays the spammers thinks that it works? The spam ads annoy me so much that I would NEVER give my business to any company they're spamming, even if I'd been considering it before they spammed.


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              just hit the triangle
              yeah you are

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                i thought this was about the spam meat in a can... :-(


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                  I'm sick to death of it. New members (or at least first-time posters) should be moderated until they've shown they can post appropriately.
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                    I think it is pretty easy to join this forum - IIRC you don't need to wait for a real person to approve you, so spammers can get on at weekends, or hours when the worker bees are having a kip.

                    I would imagine no-one who uses this forum would buy 'CVV CC very good,moist and fresh you send me money now must trust me good balance' WETF that is. It's probably just a way to advertise their illegal scams in a untracable way to other criminals

                    I would send an e-mail to volunteer as a weekend mod, but I've forgotten my pasword and I closed down the e-mail I joined on as it got hacked, so I'm a bit buggered really.
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