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    Hi Mark
    I just finished reading your book and loved it! I have had many life changes over the past year, mainly due to being unemployed and have developed a few bad eating habits and gained weight. I have also been in a pattern of chronic exercise and am making a conscious effort to do more yoga sculpt and follow your fitness recommendations. I realize that the goal of living primally is to not obssess about calorie counts but I'm trying to make sure I'm eating the right amount for my body. I'm 33 years old, female, 5'8" and about 150 pounds. I'm very active. Does 1,600 per day sound good? I'm aiming to eat less than 100 g carbs which I'm successful at, and struggle more with balancing my fat and protein intakes. Some days its more protein and some days more fat. My goal is fat loss and I want to give myself to be successfully at adopting this great way of living. Please tell me your thoughts.
    Thanks, Nicola

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    To be fair I don't think Mark gives away free personalised consultations via his forum. FYI.
    The Paleo Strongwoman - A site dedicated to strength, and feeding strength.


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      You might find some answers in these two threads. To me it looks as if you are on the right track.