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You've got a gun to your head....popcorn popped on coconut oil or....

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    I'd probably pick the popcorn. Less (nasty) calories compared to the same quantity of chips - I think, and no nasty oil.


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      Originally posted by peril View Post
      There is no spoon
      there FTFY
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        I despise popcorn, so that's not even a choice.
        (Seriously, even the smell makes me nauseous because I'm allergic to the cottonseed oil movie theaters pop it in. Get a migraine and nausea after popcorn most of your life and you won't want it either. I don't even go to the theater very often because of the popcorn smell.)
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          I bought some organic popping corn and pop it in coconut oil. Maybe 3 cups worth (popped) every 2 or 3 months.

          I count that as part of my 20% and refuse to feel bad about it.


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            I'd eat corn all day every day over canola oil. Societies have been consuming corn and maize for thousands of years, and properly prepared (nixtamalized corn) is pretty benign. Canola oil is a new invention. The heart disease curve mirrors the refined vegetable oils curve. It's no contest IMO.

            In terms of a whole grain, if I had to eat one, corn would be right behind brown rice. Obviously white rice would be my first choice, but it's not a whole grain, so...
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              Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
              I believe you, but I don't believe the labelling. I'm never eating corn again, period. Monsanto can kiss my rosy red ass in Macy's window.

              Oh, yeah. To the op, potatoes.
              Canola oil is almost entirely GMO. If you're swapping out corn for a product containing canola oil, you're still supporting Monsanto. It's like trying to boycott General Motors by trading in your Corvette for a Cadillac. At least you can buy corn from a local farm.
              Don't put your trust in anyone on this forum, including me. You are the key to your own success.


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                I'm in a head space I'm sure a lot of people go through before relaxing in that not only would I eat neither of those offerings, but for right now, I probably won't eat out for awhile. I like my cooking and I like to cook for me, so for right now anyway, I just get my fixin's and cook all my own meals. I pretty much stay away from anything in a bag, box, or can, apart from the usual cream, butter, etc. It's just my thing; I don't expect everyone to be that way.

                When I read things like the fact that there is at least one ConAgra product in over 90% of American households, I realize that it's virtually impossible to stay away from the basically six companies that provide the US with the majority of its food. Monsanto is the nastiest of the lot, but they're all packaging the cheapest bullcrap they can and calling it food.
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